Painting the World with Color and Fun

I have been up to just about 
when it comes to crafting/painting
but I have had two really good days
(upping meds must have helped) and 
I have been cleaning, sorting, moving 
things around in the 2nd guest room.
Seriously, no pics but take my word
for could not walk in there.

So since I am not showing those pics
and I have not been 
doing anything creative or
been out to do anything fun...I 
surffed PINTEREST for
a blog idea.

Check out these cute
ideas for picnic tables.
My mom is the type of person
that don't like this sort of stuff,
I on the other hand loves this stuff...
and yes, have no issues doing something 
like this in my yard. 

Lots of work in the above pic..

Not as much work in the below pic.
Cute, simple and does not jump out
at you as much as the first one.

This one is just so adorable
(below) esp if you like

I for one don't have a picnic table for a few
reason....biggest one the blood suckers that
live in the summertime and being 
on a creek there are a lot of 

So..with no picnic tables to paint I just
jumped over to my shed a few yrs ago.
I started with this corner flower on the side
of the shed.

From there I decided to do the front.
And yes, as you notice I have to be a tad
different and not paint a flower over
the whole front of the shed or the center
of the side of the shed. 

I love looking out in the backyard from 
the deck cause I see this view but
I can also see the side of the shed. 
HAHA the year I painted this I had my
neighbor come over and want to know
if you can buy the sheds like this!?
HAHA...guessing that she never noticed
my shed before it was painted!!
HAHA....but she had a friend that came
over and fell in love with my shed

I can't just leave my painting to the shed.
I had to tackle the crack in the sidewalk
going up to my house. 
Wished you could have seen my mom's
face and how she rolled her eyes when 
she saw this!

Of course most of you have seen the 
deck painting. 
This came about when I had the 
storage closet off the deck closed 
up and opened up from my pantry
inside the house. The guy doing my
work was able to match the wood
really nicely but it still needed painting.
Figured I could take my time to 
prime and paint the color of the house
or do something different. 
Guess which one I went with!


While on PINTEREST I also checked out
some painted privacy fences.
Wished I had one to paint.
This might be a big wild even 
for me. 

But this is cute.

And I really love this one. 

Tomorrow I think I will pull some street art to 
show. I even have some pics I have shot
around Nashville I might show.

Jump over and check out Lily at

Have a great day and thanks
for stopping in,


Rhodesia said…
Love them all especially the first and the last.Love the work you have done, Sunflowers always make me smile :-) Keep well Diane
Sandee said…
Oh my goodness. These are awesome. I love the last picture of the fence the very best. What a way to brighten up your world.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Sally said…
Your artwork is amazing, Pam! I also enjoyed seeing the ones you chose from Pinterest; especially the table painted watermelon. That made me wish for summer. :)

Sandra said…
some i love and some i don't. i love your sunflowers on your walls and that sunflower on the fence, the picnic tables would drive me nuts and so would the fence of many colors...
Jeanie said…
Those are all fabulous ideas. I especially love the first one with the sunflowers but I'd be happy to have any single one of these in my yard!
Ann Thompson said…
Love that last fence. I would love to have that
Christine said…
Very cute whimsical art.
Rain said…
I agree Pam, that last photo is fabulous! And I do love that watermelon picnic table!! I'm glad the upping of the meds is helping you! :)
Very creative.
I especially liked the fence ...

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
Those are great. So much creativity.

I've been useless this week as well. I got a bit of knitting done, but nothing else. Sigh.
Darla M Sands said…
I really like that second table. Purple cone flowers feature heavily in my garden. ~grin~ Hope you keep feeling better!
These are fun. They really perk up a wall and yard

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