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I took art in high school. Two years, did two paintings in acrylic paints. I thought they were good. But I never painted again... UNTIL I turned 42. I started drawing with color pencils and my mom thought they were good enough that she stressed I needed to take a paint class. I thought I would but I never checked into it. Few months later my mom was going in my brothers house when she noticed that there were a lot of women going in a house down the street, carrying what looked like canvas to her. My mom decided to go down and check it out. She met Shirley Pharris, an older woman who taught classes at JoAnns and Michaels. But one night a week, she taught at her home. Shortly after that I started taking classes from this wonderful woman, five years worth. Was not like I needed five years of classes but the getting together, painting together was awesome. My first painting I gave to my mom since she is the

Photo of the Day - Over 200 Years Old

Isn't this amazing? Would love to do a walk through. Thanks for stopping in,

Photo of the Day

Caught this site a few days ago as the day was getting close to an end.