I took art in high school.
Two years, did two paintings in
acrylic paints.
I thought they were good.
But I never painted again...

I turned 42.
I started drawing with color pencils and
my mom thought they were good enough
that she stressed I needed to take
a paint class.
I thought I would but I never
checked into

Few months later my mom
was going in my brothers house
when she noticed that there were
a lot of women going in a house
down the street, carrying what
looked like canvas to her.

My mom decided to go down
and check it out.
She met Shirley Pharris,
an older woman who taught
classes at JoAnns and Michaels.
But one night a week, she taught
at her home.

Shortly after that I started
taking classes from this
wonderful woman, five
years worth.
Was not like I needed
five years of classes but
the getting together,
painting together was awesome.

My first painting I gave to my
mom since she is the one
that gave me that little push
to take this class.
Here is what I painted for her.
This one took the place in her
dinning room where the one
I painted in high school had hung
all those years.

Rusted bucket on bobwire fencing.
My second painting was a big one...
I bit off more then I could chew.
But I managed it with a little
help. Shirley, my teacher helped
with the veil over the woman's face.

I was so touched that my son, 15 yrs old loved this one.
He was amazed at the work that went into it.
I contacted him a few yrs ago and told him I
was going to put this up for sale but he
asked that I did not do that.
He wanted it.
It is not his and Britney's taste but
just that he wants it melts my heart.

From here on out I have no clue as the order
that these go in. Been too long ago with
too many paintings under my belt.

This one I sold.

This is one of my favs. I love the colors
and according to my teacher
very well done. She said iris was
hard to paint and I nailed it.
Talk about feeling great.

This one I painted for my brother.
It is painted on a piece of tile.

Painted for my daughter.
This took a lot of time. Lot of
work. But I love it.

This one hangs in my up stairs
My teacher helped me with the reflection
in the water.

Looking out the window to the barnyard.
Painted for my brother.

This one brings a smile.
My older brother called one day and
asked me would I paint something on
that thing that goes over those things.
Yep...that was the conversation.
Finally I managed to get a fuse
box cover out of him.

Haha....He was not expecting anything
like this....
They even painted the laundry room
around this cover. When they moved
they took this off the wall and it now hangs
in their bedroom.

Painted this for my sis in law.

Love this painting.
This was the first time I painted like this.
It was not strokes it was painted in dots.

For my niece.

Sold this one to a lady I went
to school with.

And this one lives in my moms
living room.
It is painted from a picture taken in
my mom's home town.
Big Springs.

I donated this one.

This guy was a tad different.
I have painted a lot of DIFFERENT

Smiling dolphin.

Another iris.

Sold this little boy.
Enjoyed painting him with his
denim overalls.

She was sold to the same person that
purchased the boy.
Wearing her denim dress.

Painted on an oval canvas.

Sold this little girl also.

Painted for my youngest brother Mark.
It still hangs at mom's house.

Graduation gift.

Christmas gift.


Fund raiser piece.

Local Nashville songwriter and singer.
I painted his CD cover.

Mom's kitchen.

Fund raiser.

Donated to the blind school for auction
last year when I worked there.

Hangs in mom's den.

Mom's bedroom.

This little lady is just hanging around
at my house.

Painted this for me and was offered good money
so I sold it.
I do have a copy print hanging in
my living room.

Painted this from a pic my brother took.
Hangs in his bathroom.

Painted this on a cabinet door.

In my craftroom.

Painted for my daughter.

A friend for Christmas

Painted from a pic taken in
Johnson City TN

Just for fun.

My niece loves Wicked so
I painted this for her.


just a dress.

This is a pic I took of my grandson
He was about 3 here
and he is now 16.

This is the painting I did from that photo.

All these paintings were done in oils.
Tomorrow I will post acrylic paintings.

Thanks for stopping in,


Darla M Sands said…
Oh, my. I just found the answer to my question. I don't think five years would give me this sort of talent with paints of any sort. I am in awe. Lovely work!
Darla M Sands said…
Wait. I have to add that the parrot and dolphin, in particular, look like photographs. And your diversity! Good grief. Thank you for sharing your creative gifts.

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