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Bible and Flowers

 Tabitha Tuders would be 29 years old  now. She came up missing 16 years ago (yesterday) walking to the  bus stop but never made it.  (pic taken from FB) Even after all this time, no  clues, no leads. I have an uncle, was married to my dads sister Patsy. He is a preacher in New Mexico. My aunt Patsy past in May of 2008.  My cousin told me that her dad wanted to send me a Bible that once belonged to my dad. I got it last week.   All he knew is that my dad had given the Bible to Patsy and  he wanted to get it back to  us kids. Check out the date 5-10-1944. Dad was in the Navy.  Well the garden is beginning to bloom and do something. This is a deep dark purple that is about to pop out. And my spiderwort is blooming. Years ago as a teen, yep, that was a LOT of years ago I  was really allergic to this stuff. Now, it don't bother me. Thank goodness for  allergy shots for 10 years.

The Ballgame

Sat. I went to surprise my  youngest grandson at his ballgame. That is him standing with  his glove down to his side. This is him in the batters  box circle. Getting ready for that  certain ball. This is Chandler AKA Freckles one of my grandson that came with the marriage. So first time up to bat that day.....SLAM! Knocked that ball almost all the way to the fence. However since batting is  not where he excels the most he striked out the next time up. When I got there I went up to  the dug out and said, "Hey Walz, hit nana a good ball"! He looked up and said, "Are you here?" I think he meant, "you are here"...but when he said that I told him know he just thought I was there. When he came in after he  SLAMMED the ball  out there I told him that if he was going to hit that way when I am there I need to come to all his games! This is my

Rocks/Barn/Rolls/ Rock and Roll

And here I sit drinking  my coffee and trying to  decided,  think, make myself get up and do something today. Oh wait, I am a step ahead of yesterday, I threw a load of laundry in already this morning, that was 6:30 am.  Anyway, I have been tagged several times with this craft on fb. It is painting rocks with glow in the dark paint. Would love to repaint my stepping stones like this but it would require the purchase of more paint and between oils and  acrylics, I don't need more paint. The other day I was up changing sheets and cleaning on  my bedroom, and jamming down to Dr. Hook.  Always interesting at the barn. This is Annie. Annie don't like me. She tries to butt me all the time. This is Sassy and she is so different. She behaves like a lady. Feeding yesterday went like this, Maybelline and a wild turkey was hoping that Misfire would share her feed. Wed. I decided to make Ro

Through the Week- Naked/NFL/ Crowds

This is my thought for the day! HAHA... only if I was really in energy saving mode I would flip that switch. Things to do and no ump to get it done. I scroll FB, Blogs and Pinterest most given days. I think I found this on Pinterest. Oh my gosh how true was that statement? Okay, be totally honest.... Have you ever done the above? ME~ nope, for one, the neighbors would be scared to pieces. 2nd~ no privacy fence and  I would not want to be arrested. 3~ things in the garden bite and I  am not sure I would like being  bit in some areas. I have been bit on the cheek by a recluse spider years ago.... and I am not talking the cheek on my face! I only worked two days this week. My choice, since I have 365 days in  a yr to work 120 hours or less.  One of those days we spent a little bit out in the sun or in my case the shade of buildings  while a fire drill was taking place. Just a planned one to see