Rocks/Barn/Rolls/ Rock and Roll

And here I sit drinking 
my coffee and trying to 
decided,  think,
make myself get up
and do something today.

Oh wait, I am a step ahead of
yesterday, I threw a load of
laundry in already this morning, that
was 6:30 am. 

Anyway, I have been tagged several
times with this craft on fb.
It is painting rocks with glow
in the dark paint.

Would love to repaint my stepping
stones like this but
it would require the purchase of more
paint and between oils and 
acrylics, I don't need more paint.

The other day I was up changing
sheets and cleaning on 
my bedroom, and jamming
down to Dr. Hook. 

Always interesting at the barn.
This is Annie.
Annie don't like me.
She tries to butt me all
the time.

This is Sassy and she
is so different. She behaves
like a lady.

Feeding yesterday went like this,
Maybelline and a wild
turkey was hoping that Misfire
would share her feed.

Wed. I decided to make Rosemary

which became Rosemary 

Been a while since I baked bread,
and I don't need to do it anymore.
I did not give any away but 
they are almost all gone.

Keep telling myself that 
I need to get the deck
set up. 

Remember sharing coffee with 
me every morn last yr on the deck
this time of yr?

Okay, I have asked this before in 
the past but if you did not play
along or was not following 
me at that time be sure and jump
in with your answer...
How did you come up with 
your blog name?

Now, I have not asked this before
but very interested...
where are you blogging from.

FYI~ I called the marathon taking 
place in Nashville this morn (just 
started) by the wrong name, 
it is actually the St. Jude
Rock and Roll Marathon.

Thursday and Friday were
200 Thousand folks for the draft.
30 Thousand for the marathon.

HAHA...still staying on my side
of town.
Have a great weekend. 


Hi, I came up with my name because I do sit on my porch a lot and I wanted to just call it "coffee on the porch" but that was taken, so I had to add the "with me". I knew my blog would just be ramblings and tales of my every day life, kind of like talking with someone on the porch, so that was the idea. I'm blogging from Ontario, Canada.-Jenn
wisps of words said…
Glow paint on rocks!!!!! Coooooool..... Even my non-crafty-mind, likes this idea!!!!!!!!! ,-)))) As long as they don't have to be works-of-art, like pictured.

What's with Annie???? Is she generally obnoxious? Or just with you?

How did I come up with my blog name?????

Good question! And since I've had so many blogs, it's a wonder I can still come up with new names!!!!

OK, I like the work "Wisp" or "Wisps"... Blogs are made up of written "Words"... Soooo, I combined them and came up with... "Wisps of Words" blog.

Brian said…
Yes, that sure is one big crowd!
Debbie said…
i would like to start painting rocks but i am not sure i want to start another hobby this time of year when i prefer to be outdoors!! although i could sit outside and paint!!

the rolls look delicious, you probably should have frozen some!! i have not set up the deck yet either, but i/we need to...the hubs does it!!

my blog name is easy to is all about purple isn't it??!! i live in new jersey, at the jersey shore, otherwise know as heaven. have a great weekend pam!!!
Those stones are so interesting. That's a lot of work and responsibility taking care of the animal. Those rolls looks delicious!! My blog name has to do with my COPD "Just Breathe" but it was a line in the Drew Barrymore movie Ever After in 1998.
Rhodesia said…
Paint is really expensive now compared to what it used to be. I have a wooden Hornbill bird that I want to paint. Went to the shop on Wednesday and bought 5 small tubes of oil paint and a small bottle of linseed - €25 (about $28) makes for an expensive bird, but maybe I can find something else small to paint with the colours I have! I have masses of acrylic, but if I hang this outside it needs to be oil.
Hope you have a good Sunday, Diane
CHERI said…
I love your photo!!! Did you paint those??? Painted rocks were really a fad around here a couple years back. People would paint them, then hide them for others to find. My granddaughter got into it; it was fun. I came up with my blog name because my childhood nickname was Cheri (also what my grandchildren now call me) and because I like to Chat:) Therefore, Cheri's Chatter. I have a love/hate relationship with my blog. I love writing it, but hate how I have a difficult time coming up with what to write. I love sharing thoughts with those who read my blog, but hate that I don't have that many readers (I left my blog for awhile and really lost a lot of regulars). I love finding just the right photo, but hate that I am not a very good photographer and my photos never seem to look as wonderful as those I see on many other blogs! BUT...since I do love to write I will just keep at it when I have time and when I have something to write about:) Even if I'm the only one who reads it!!! By the way, thanks for stopping by and "chatting" with me...I left a REPLY on your comment. Hope you will go back and read it.
CHERI said…
Oh, I forgot something....I blog from a little town in rural south GA. I say "lovingly" that we live in po-dunk South GA. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else:), but sure wouldn't mind a second home like chalet in the mountains somewhere or a beautiful home overlooking the ocean.
Ann said…
I came up with my blog name because originally I was planning on blogging only about my photography, photo editing and digital scrapbooking. The blog content has changed but the name has stayed.
It is funny how the goats have such different personalities. Rosemary bread sounds yummy. My husband helped me come up with my blog name (he's the poet of the 2 of us). The blog is mostly about our experiences and we do live unconventionally. I am in Lexington, SC just outside the capital here.
Christine said…
blogging from Toronto, horrible at choosing names so it just became Christine's blog
Liz A. said…
Those rocks are stunning.

I won't bore you with why Laws of Gravity. It's in my About page, and I don't have a better way of writing it ( And, of course, I'm in California. Long Beach, to be precise.
R's Rue said…
R for name. rue French for street.
NanaDiana said…
I LOVE those rocks and have never seen anything like them! A first for me! I think I need to do some of these with my grandkids!
Don't you love the goats? I have a cousin that is a goat breeder and shows them and has won many blue ribbons. While she is a 'breeder' she falls in love with each and every goat and I am not sure if she has sold hardly any of them. The barn has a whole nursery, etc. now.
Have a blessed Sunday- I am glad to be back to blogland. xo Diana
I do like the idea of glow in the dark painted rocks.

Hope your weekend has been a good one,

All the best Jan
I'm a Dr Hook fan too, LOL! I still love "Cover of the Rolling Stone." And those glow-in-the-dark rocks are so neat!

I blog from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My spiritual name is "Debra She Who Seeks" and so that's where my blog's name comes from.
Jeanie said…
Those rocks are gorgeous but I know what you mean about buying more paint! Like a hole in the head!

Love the sweet goats!
Ooh, that bread sounds delicious. I haven't baked fresh bread in a while. I used to try at least once a month to bake several loaves. One for eating and one for giving to someone else. Loving those cool rocks! Blog name? I wrote a post on this once but short version...I done photography years ago and my website and blog name was Creations by Cindy. I chose to leave it as is. And...I am also creating something even if its just in mine now! LOL! Happy Day to you dear lady.
Red Rose Alley said…
Those painted rocks are cool. Annie and Sassy sure are cute. You baked Rosemary rolls? Oh my gosh, they look good. There's noting like homemade bread out of the oven with a dab of butter.

Ok, to answer your question about my blog name........
Red Roses are my favorite flower, and alleys have always fascinated me. They are fun and interesting and you can always find something unusual there. So there ya go, Red Rose Alley. : )


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