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Weight Update

Don't you hate losing a whole
blog post when still in the middle
of writing it?
Seems to be the way my
whole day is going!

On top of that first question....
don't you hate when you 
learn stuff after the fact?

More on that question, you 
will understand as I go along.

Weight update~


I have been eating what I like
  for months now, and with that over the winter months I put on 4
lbs.....I know, heaven forbid!

Last week I cut out sugar and 
breads for 5 days and dropped
that weight. But by doing that I
must have reset my body
again so after 5 days when I fell off
the wagon I found that 
the ugly DUMPING feeling
was back. Yep, I ate a couple
of small (tiny) blueberry muffins
I made (cause I wanted them)...and 
I thought I was dying!

I got dizzy,
felt sick and 
my heart was racing like
crazy. SUGAR rush I guess.

But here comes the issue with 
not having all the info up front....
I had no clue that gastric bypass surgery
could lead to issues with your teeth.
I went to the dentist the other
day and it was not a …

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Back to usual kitchen gadgets. Hot dog anyone?

Yesterday I had an appointment in  Lebanon (25 mins down the rd). I grabbed my big camera before leaving the house.

Took these below when I was leaving the barn.

On the way home from the  barn I saw this guy fly up in the tree. BUZZARD.

Project - Luggage Rack

Check out this that I ran across on Pinterest...

Love it.  Although Sandra and I  discussed the issue on FB, not good for folks with OCD.
Then I found this one....thought it was burned on but I think it is  done with stain.

Pretty neat....
Now on to my project. You know I love projects when I  feel up to doing them.  This one is simple and easy. Although it has taken me a  couple weeks between steps...
A friend I went to school with and  had not seen in years hit me up on private message on FB asking me if I wanted two of these  directors chair. She figured  I might have a project for them.

I started with removing the  back part from the bottom part.

Which leaves this. Now what thought pops in your head when you see this?

Easter and This and That

HAHA my youngest grandson, Braden!

We did Easter last weekend for the boys. The future son in law had his kids and my daughter had hers.

Braden and I played cars while we waited on dinner.

We had cake at the Easter dinner for my future SIL....his bday was  Monday, he likes the Jets.

Yesterday I stepped outside to hear  the knocking noise of a  woodpecker.
I looked up to see a female woodpecker. Mr. and Mrs Woodpecker live around my home somewhere.

In the yard.