Easter and This and That

my youngest grandson, Braden!

We did Easter last weekend for the boys.
The future son in law had his kids and my
daughter had hers.

Braden and I played cars while
we waited on dinner.

We had cake at the Easter dinner for
my future SIL....his bday was 
Monday, he likes the Jets.

Yesterday I stepped outside to hear 
the knocking noise of a 

I looked up to see a female
Mr. and Mrs Woodpecker
live around my home somewhere.

In the yard.

While checking out my Hosta yesterday
I noticed this...
The leave of my Hosta came up
through an old fall leave. 

Love nature.

Pollen in the creek.

Last yr my daughter got me a
lily and I noticed it was coming
up yesterday and it appears to 
be spreading!

Shot of the shed from the 

Found this on PINTEREST...
I sent it to Chris (owner of the barn)...he
has one of these in front of the barn.
He told me to go for it!

Yesterday temps were amazing. 70 degrees with
no humidity but beautiful sunshine.
But until the temps got up first thing
in the morning it was cool.
Dakota and I loved having the 
quilt out covering us.

Today....not so much. Raining. 
Bradford Pears bloomed a few
weeks ago and the rain then knocked
the blooms off.

The Redbuds are out and looking 
great but so are these...
I think these are Cherry Trees.

 Here is hoping you have a great

blooming spring day!

Lets not forget the strange
kitchen gadget of the 
Wonder if my daughter rather
have this for the wedding?

Hope over and check out the furbabes!

Have a great day,


Debbie said…
the purple quilt is beautiful!!! as are those sunflowers - some people - just like you, are so talented!!!!
Stephanie said…
What a fun and lovely post, dear Pam. The pictures of the outdoors are simply beautiful!

Wishing you a joyous day! Hugs
MadSnapper said…
I have a small quilt like yours, given to me by DIL in 2002 i think. most used gift, just like yours but not purple.
Rhodesia said…
Interesting photos. We hear woodpeckers here, but seldom ever see them they are always behind the branch!!
Here is still raining an it is forecast again for at least another week, it really is getting boring!! Take care Diane
Sandee said…
How fun. Kids love a good Easter egg hunt. I so remember doing this as a kid and then setting it up for the little ones when I became a parent. Good clean fun.

Love all the blossoms. Makes my heart happy each year.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Sally said…
Some pretty things going on around you. It's nice here today, we had the rain a couple of days ago. I'm happy seeing blooms blooming. :)

Thank you, Pam for checking on me. I'm good!

Yes, you need to paint that picture; you'd do a fantastic job as you do with other things as well.

Liz A. said…
Love the table saw. Does the woodpecker drive you crazy? Or is the knocking sound unobtrusive?
Ann Thompson said…
Spring had really sprung around your place. It's still pretty cool here
Jeanie said…
What fun! Baby Grand is still a little too young for an egg hunt but next year! I loved the trash can!
Darla M Sands said…
Lovely photos! I hope you're having a good day. My niece is better, though SO and I only got to watch her sleep in a muscle relaxant induced slumber for a while this afternoon. Her parents should be able to take her home on Saturday. There is some ligament damage in her neck, but everything should heal on its own! That is a miracle. I guess the care flight nurse never expected to find her in such good shape, either. Opinion is that she took a sharp curve a little fast, unable to make out detail due to the all brown terrain, and lost control. They're basing all that on what skid marks her vehicle left. Sad to say there seem to be four or five accidents at that spot every year. Take care, my friend. And thanks for the concern.
Your youngest grand is a cutie, Pam. It's nice you celebrated Easter together. The saw cake knife is so cute and a real conversation starter. I love the barn painted with the daisy as well as the spool table. Very clever. ♥
Sharon said…
Pretty blossoms. I think my hostas are gone, they were under the deck.
Happy Easter!
you captured such pretty sights of Spring! The hosta is my fav, the bradford pear is gorgeous too. What a cute grandson, playing cars is so fun. Happy Easter
Lovely photographs.
Easter Egg hunts are such fun.

Simply loved seeing all the blossoms, just perfect for Spring!

All the best Jan

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