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True Love

 For all of my blogging friends that actually, started following me after I lost my best bud, then you did not  get to learn about  Dakota  AKA THE KING and for those that knew of him, I am going to refresh your memory. I got Tiger Lily AKA Lily Bit because my dog needed a pet. Yep, you read that correctly. Dakota has spent ten years being  dropped off at my moms on my way  to work, but when I retired, that stopped and he got to acting like a grumpy old man. These pics were taken just a few days after Lily came to live wtih us. He was ten, she was 12 weeks. You could not have asked for an better of a relationship. They loved each other from  the start. It was a BIG chance I was taking cause as a kid and teen I had been really allergic to cats. The 2nd reason  was cause the only cats Dakota had ever been around was the ones he chased out of the yard.  But, within an hour of these two being together, they were wrestling. For the first year of her life, Lily slept either leaning up next t

Feline Furs, Foggy Morn, Door Decor, Geranium, and Feline Furs Again

 Look at this beautiful girl. Soft as velvet and her in one of her fave spots. Morning propped up on  the backs of my legs during our Sat. morn route. Walked through the hall and saw this view as I stepped into the  living room FOGGY! And really thick! As much projects that I want to do, to finish, to clean, and to go,  I decided to paint something I saw on Pinterest.  This is what I painted on my door right after moving here. But this is what I saw on Pinterest that I thought would look great on the bottom of my backdoor.  I liked the mono chrome of the  B&W, but the white stood out to bright for me so I toned it down with  black. Course, this made it gray. But that is okay, a mix of Misty and Lily. The pic is below is the  on I was going by on  Pinterest. This white is more toned down than mine was when I painted the cat. For Mother's Day my mom would tell me when I asked what she wanted, she would say, red zinnias, red Geranium or a fern. This year I bought a red Geranium fo

Feline Love, TV Tray, and Not a Happy Camper

Misty and Lily change up  using the wooden ironing board couch table. Misty started watching a bird but then it went to napping.  At the same time that Misty was on the couch table, Lily was loving  the deck.  Lily loves it when it is cooler  outside. She laid out in the glider all day the other day.  Misty however, rather not be out when it is cool, she wants the heat. So as our season goes from spring to summer the roles of which babe will be on the deck and the other in  the house. They take turns flipping  around. Later in the evening I shared the  couch with Lily Bit as she snoozed the fresh air out of her system. Then when I went off to bed, I got some snuggle time with my sweet girl. It's not easy to snuggle while laying down and taking a selfie! Who remembers these? Not something we had often but  from time to time growing up we got these.  I sort of liked them, maybe it was the "different" part of them I liked. However, thinking back on them, not so sure I can te

Mama Beverly, and Shots Along the Way

 Beverly Edwards. A strong, sweet, caring  and loving Christian woman. Two months ago Beverly  was told that she had  pancreatic cancer. It had spread also to the liver so, Beverly elected to  not take treatments. She was given 6 to 8 months. Julie, one of my best friends, is Beverly's daughter.  I was going to go visit within the last two months but I  never made it. And as of  Wed. 4-26-23, Beverly was  gone.  NEVER, NEVER put off going to visit people. Never trust that 6 months will play out for the whole 6 months. She did really well, she was with the family for Easter but two months in, something changed. The pain was unbearable. Beverly was taken to Alive Hospice, I was out there to visit with her on Saturday after the wedding I worked. Beverly never woke up.  The nurses said she could hear  her children, her hubs and grands. I sat out there for four or more hours with Julie and her family. Outside of Beverly's room we laughed, joked, and shared memories, In the room with

Cutest Set for a Garden, and Felicity Eating Cake

  I saw this on FB... I love this, so adorable. I know that you are all did not get enough of pics of Felicity. Here are a few more.     And I also know that you were prob wondering where the pics were of her eating her cake. Well, here they are. What is it about the chucky  cheeks that makes a baby so adorable!? I personally want to kiss all over them. I think little one had a  great first bday party. Pam