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HaPpY hAlLoWeEn - and Chandeliers

Aw yes....   I can drive a stick! See.. Love this. (all pics below found on  the internet)  I love the look of chandeliers esp out in the garden. But on the deck is cute also. Problem...I would never light those candles. But this is adorable. Along with this. Course with the one below being PURPLE... I LOVE! Love the bling on it also. This way you cold get  a lot of feeding in. How do  you feel about a chandelier in the garden? Thank you everyone for all the kind words on the passing of my friend Laura.  Leaving us like that, fast, with no health issues opens your eyes. I realize that  I need to get my will  redone and stop putting it off. Sitting with Laura's sister, going through her phone trying to decide who needed to be called right  then, I realized that is something I can do  for me family and kids....make  a list of who needs to contacted.  Now...

Letting Go - Laura

I did not want to go. I did not want to  face it. But I went to visitation. I handled it better than  I thought I would.  I needed to go. I needed to face that I actually lost a friend. Lots of friends from  there. They came to be there for the family. They came to say goodbye to Laura. Today will be the actually day I will say goodbye.  Just being there and being strong for the family and  I will be fine.  We think we have time! In the past years women,  friends, school friends would get together and have dinner. After the death of Laura's hubby 3 weeks ago we planned on a get together. We were going to give Laura time then we  were going to have an angel paint party.  We thought we had time! We are working on  calling these ladies together to paint, donations going to St. Judes. This is the fund Laura and family wanted donations to go too instead of flowers.  So Friday after L

This and All That

Today is National Cat Day~ Hug  your furbabe today. A year ago when I was trying to find a place to take the kittens at the  barn I learned from the Pet Community informed me that there are 80 thousand plus feral cats living in  my county alone.  Abandoning cats is part of the reason, not having them fixed is the other reason.  Lasat week I did a family shoot.  Do you love to decorate things.. your home, your yard? I do and you guys have seen what I do with the yard esp if I pull my paints out! However I look around my house and wonder whay I can do. Its  comfortable but is cluttered. Problem, I love my stuff.  Anyway I am on a page on FB called I Just Love to Decorate.  Oh my gosh. I have seen  some cool things, I have seen somethings that need fixing and I have seen somethings that are awful! I like this and if my living room was more square then long I would love this.


Tomorrow is visition for  my friend Laura then her funeral will be on Tuesday. I looked and looked for pics of her and I and found this one, taken  a few yrs back. I was shocked at how many photos there was NOT  of me in them. I dislike having my pic made but I have decided that this will change. I have decided that I am going to start taking USIES with my friends. never know. Friday I took the day to veg at home with my furbabes. I did a lot of thinking, a lot of trying to understand and  a lot of staring into space. I felt it was best to stay away from people and  just have a day of healing. Saturday however I had things to do. I was invited to two Halloween parties. I figured I needed to go, I  needed that.  I made beer pull apart bread for the first party since that is where I would be  having dinner.... chili! It went great with the chili. This is me getting ready.