Tomorrow is visition for 
my friend Laura then
her funeral will be on Tuesday.

I looked and looked
for pics of her and I and
found this one, taken 
a few yrs back.

I was shocked at how many
photos there was NOT 
of me in them.
I dislike having my
pic made but I have
decided that this will
change. I have decided that
I am going to start taking
USIES with my friends.
Cause.....you never know.

Friday I took the day to veg
at home with my furbabes.
I did a lot of thinking,
a lot of trying to understand and 
a lot of staring into space.
I felt it was best to stay
away from people and 
just have a day of healing.

Saturday however I had
things to do.
I was invited to two
Halloween parties.
I figured I needed to go, I 
needed that. 

I made beer pull apart bread
for the first party since that
is where I would be 
having dinner....

It went great with the chili.

This is me getting ready.

HAHA and this is 
what a friend did with 
the pic I posted
on FB!

COOL...wishing I could
do that look for real.

Got to the party and 
my friend Theresa was there 
already. She took some
pics of me posing before the 
sun went down.

HAHA....How do I look while
sporting my new look...

USIE of T (Theresa)
and I. 

And this is Dana, host of the 
first party.

Hung around a couple
of hours then headed
back to my side of town 
where I went to the second

Did not take any Usies there but
had a great time at 
both parties.

I think FALL
finally found us.
We had rain for two days
and with that and the 
drop in the temps the 
leaves started turning 
BUT with the rain a lot
of trees are losing those
leaves way to FAST. 

I saw a tree yesterday that had 
just turned yellow but the 
top was almost bare.
I sure would love to be
able to enjoy the color 
Oh well!

Photo shoot today, disc to 
deliver for another shoot
I did. Gotta get up and 
get it moving.

What are you plans for this 


wisps of words said…
So sorry for your loss.

A good decision, to have more photos, with your friends. Something positive, to take, from this sorrow.

Great costume!!!!!!!!! Oh how I love striped hose. But they are tights, and I simply can not stand the feeling of tights. -shiver- -eeeek- LOL. I'm probably the only woman in the world, who doesn't wear them. Everyone wears them, for everything! But me. :-(

Our leaves are about gone. The present wind/rain weekend isn't helping any. Oh well.

Nope, don't enjoy coming November. Have to concentrate on the Hibernation Plan! Nov. on through winter, to live in Hibernation Mode, helps. :-)

Sally said…
I know the next couple of days are going to be very difficult. My prayers are with you and the family, Pam.

You look so so cute in your costume!

Cool here this morning; I'm loving it. :)

Christine said…
So sorry for your loss. Enjoy your Halloween.
Sandee said…
Love your outfit and I think that's my broom you're riding. Just saying.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers the next few days. I know this will be hard for you.

Big healing hugs. Scritches to the babies. ♥
MadSnapper said…
my big plans include heading to bed with my kindle book and does while reading. I watched a Hallmark Chrismtas movie after my morning walk. love your LOOK great job. I told Bob I have thousands of photos of all our dogs, and hundreds of Bob with the dogs and not one of me with any dogs except in 1986 holding the puppies. I never get in front of the camera. I guess I will have to attempt and usie with BB because bob can't take a photo no matter how I explain the to do and not to do... even with the phone. my phone doesn't take good selfies, it is not an apple. I will try to get BB inone taken with the tablet.
NanaDiana said…
I love the costume, Pam..and I LOVE seeing the pictures of you. I am like you. I hate having my picture taken, too. And I hate when someone catches me off-guard and posts a picture of me.
Have a wonderful day, Pam...Hope the broom is warmed up for trick-or-treating! xo Diana
Rue said…
I'm so sorry about your friend. I feel sorry for her kids too and I can't imagine what they're going through.

Great costume and I'm glad you went out and enjoyed yourself :)

Ann Thompson said…
So sad to lose a friend. Thoughts and prayers for you as you gag through this.
Love your costume
Rhodesia said…
Sorry, losing a friend is never easy, take care.

You look really witchy :-)) Diane
Brian said…
Those are fun photos and you sure look spooky cool! Hey, I didn't know you could pull apart beer!
Darla M Sands said…
Great costume and makeup! Be well, my dear.
Pilar said…
I'm sorry for your loss Pam. Sending hugs. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Have a wonderful week!
I am so sorry about your friend dear lady. Loosing a friend is hard for sure. But oh the memories...how they linger. That bread looks so good and you are cute as a button. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Liz A. said…
Love your costume. I think many of us spend so much time worrying about how we look that we don't get enough pictures of ourselves. Unless you're around my brother. He never lets me opt out :-(

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