Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Shed

Okay so lately I have been
thinking about the
canvas that
is the side of my shed!
The bush is going and a garden
will be going in right there on the
But to give the garden a back drop of
something more than just the shed wall.....
I acted on a wild hair yesterday evening....

What do you think?
I am thinking that the front where the
doors are will need
some colorful loving

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Loving Spring

This pic has it all...
green ground
cover, rock, moss,
blooming buttercup
and blue sky...
Chris bought me flowers Saturday.
Colored daisies.

So pretty.
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The Finished Lamp on the Deck

Around the first of Feb.
I posted these first two
pics of the before and
after lamp.
The iron base came from my brother
who found it somewhere. After
years of not doing anything with
it I decided to ask for it.
The light part sitting on top
is a solar light I pulled from
outside just to get a thought
of what I wanted to do.
Took it to Chris' garage to get started on it.
Sanded a lot of the rust off.
Primed it with spray primer.
Black paint....
and some thought on the
wiring (thanks Chris)
and here it is finished.

Saturday I finally loaded it in the
truck and off to my house
I went.
Love it on my deck. I just fell
in love with this iron piece.
I did of course use a electric
lamp on top instead of a solar.
Would not have been able
to put on the deck if I used solar,
Ceape Mrytle bush
would have blocked all the light.

Planning on getting the rest
of the furniture out of the shed
this evening and enjoy my deck...
and lamp tonight!
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Outdoor Table

Yesterday I was on a roll throwing
together fast and simple projects.

A friend of my moms had given me
this iron base, I think it was meant
to be a plant stand.....

But with a piece of tile....

The stand..,.

And my super special E6000 glue ....

I now have a cute table to sit outside..
Planning on placing a birdhouse on it
In the garden...

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cute Little Birdbath for my Yard

Cleaning the craft room today
I ran across some items
that had my mind racing....

A lamp base.
Was black but I had painted
it brown.

Given to me by my daughter.

A glass lamp globe picked
up at Goodwill for

And my special glue...
and look here, I
have a cute birdbath for the

Can't wait to get the garden ready 
and place this in the center.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Purple Clover and My Yard

Grass at work has not had its first cutting
for the year yet. I noticed the
clover on the side of the parking
lot....yep, out I jumped to snap
these two pics!
Love this get down on the ground view!

Hosta is peeking out more and more
each day.

The story of this hosta is....The woman who used to
watch my kids, Pat, gave me a bunch of this from
her yard. I had it planted at my old home
and dug some up to bring with me when I
moved to this house 23 years ago. I have divided
it many times to put more around the yard and
to give away.
The side of the shed. Through the years this
area has had a few different looks.
Timbers and flowerbeds, bushes (one
still standing)....and other looks....
But I have plans for it this yr. First hint,
the bush is being moved!!

The old oak tree! LOL....actually
not that old, I planted it a few yrs after
 moved in. I find it funny that it does not
lose it's leaves in the fall, they
turn brown and leave in the spring.
Took this Wed. night, planning on taking
one every so often to see the change as
it drops it's leaves.

Love these border rocks....
Put these around my Crape Myrtle.
I planeted this bush the fall of
2013. Last yr it came up from the bottom...
this year, I have yet to see any signs of
it. I really hope it made it cause
this is the deep red one I always wanted.

Caleb and I spent a day cutting back
honeysuckle bushes from the side of the
creek on my side.....so nice to look out
and see the creek!
Love the moss growing on the rock.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Blooms

Oh spring...sweet spring how I love to
see you come in after a cold icy
winter....but I sure wished we
could tone the pollen down!

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Saturday Evening Fun

Bowling with Chris, his long time buds, Neal and Tracy,
Tracy's wife Nelta and Neal's girlfriend Jennifer.

Guys bowled together and us women bowled together.
Nelta is a great bowler, beat Jennifer and I all three games.
I pretty much bowl for fun...lol...
103, 107 and last game was 125!

After bowling we stopped by Tracy and Nelta's house
for a bon fire. Lots of down trees and limbs over the winter.
Great night to set out and watch the fire.

Course you know me....cell phone camera in hand! LOL...
Great evening out with friends.
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Male Red Bird

Not really been photographing much
other than some snow pics
all winter long.

Nice to feel the camera in 
my hands again and
to catch this beauty.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Just posting a pic of Dakota since I have not
blogged about him in a very long time.
This was last night, snoozing after a day at
Granny's! Tired and worn out from playing
with the girls.....Molly, Red, Cheyenne and Chole.
I have to laugh at him sometimes, he is so funny but he
is my best friend, my bud and I love him so much.
Thanks for stopping,

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring/Summer Door Decoration

Just when I was so over the winter weather, we were
blessed with some pretty weather Monday
and Tuesday, only to turn out cool again

But I have been thinking a Spring/Summer door
decoration to help welcome the season in.
So I decided to get busy........

Pulled out some needed supplies for the project.

Now these flowers will look so pretty on my red door...
They will pop.

But what sort of container to use......
how about something like I saw on PINTEREST!

An old fashion grater!

And in a matter of minutes I have my decoration....

I love it.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

My Yard 2015 - The Beginning

Getting the yard prepared
for SPRING...

This is two carpenter bee traps,
ready and waiting for the bees
to appear.

And two more on the other side.
I am so ready to take these bee's

For twenty years these bee's have 
drilled up in the bottom of my
shed, one day I am going to step up
in there and fall through!
What a sight that would be.

Now to the plants.
This is some of my 
poking its head out from 
under the dirt and dried leaves
I use to cover them each year.


In the front yard around the mailbox...
not really sure what this is. Planted
these bulbs years ago. When the flowerbed
was larger they fell with in the rocks.

And my House Leeks..
this is my dark pink/
purple color.

I also have a rusted red one coming

And this I think is my 

Now to show you some of the cute
things I have gotten for the yard.

And this is for the birds...
hoping to help them along with their

Thanks for stopping in,