Purple Clover and My Yard

Grass at work has not had its first cutting
for the year yet. I noticed the
clover on the side of the parking
lot....yep, out I jumped to snap
these two pics!
Love this get down on the ground view!

Hosta is peeking out more and more
each day.

The story of this hosta is....The woman who used to
watch my kids, Pat, gave me a bunch of this from
her yard. I had it planted at my old home
and dug some up to bring with me when I
moved to this house 23 years ago. I have divided
it many times to put more around the yard and
to give away.
The side of the shed. Through the years this
area has had a few different looks.
Timbers and flowerbeds, bushes (one
still standing)....and other looks....
But I have plans for it this yr. First hint,
the bush is being moved!!

The old oak tree! LOL....actually
not that old, I planted it a few yrs after
 moved in. I find it funny that it does not
lose it's leaves in the fall, they
turn brown and leave in the spring.
Took this Wed. night, planning on taking
one every so often to see the change as
it drops it's leaves.

Love these border rocks....
Put these around my Crape Myrtle.
I planeted this bush the fall of
2013. Last yr it came up from the bottom...
this year, I have yet to see any signs of
it. I really hope it made it cause
this is the deep red one I always wanted.

Caleb and I spent a day cutting back
honeysuckle bushes from the side of the
creek on my side.....so nice to look out
and see the creek!
Love the moss growing on the rock.

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