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Bday Party and Cakes

 Family bday party for  little Miss. Felicity turned 2 on the  19th. Look at this baby! And here is Boog,  Felicity's older brother. Evie being  Evie. Such a silly mess. Felicity had to change into  one of her new dresses, with  tule on it so she could  twirl around. She is so sweet! Felicity and her dad, Caleb. I started making Caleb's  cakes when he was a  yr. Most of them are actual paper pics but here are some later ones that are digital.   I also did some for the  other two boys.    But over the yrs as the  Fibro progressed and then  Amber moved an hour away, I  stopped. But I so wanted to  do one for Felicity. 

Morning Misty Coffee, Bat, Bday Cake, Herbs and Bees

Morning with Misty... she just had to take a sniff of the coffee. Driving the other day and  I looked up into the  bright beautiful blue sky and saw a bat. Do you see it? Allergies are kicking my BUTT. Course you know that  you have to take what you  read on the internet with a grain of salt, but  I did read that if you have  seasonal allergies, they can become worse if you have had COVID. True or not, I  am a believer right now. Feeling like crap or not, I wanted to make Felicity a  bday cake. Her bday was the  19th with a party at a restaurant  in Nashville so Amber thought instead of that, she would  give her a family bday party, Sat. 4-21. I used to make all of  her Dad's cakes so I wanted to at least get one in  for Felicity. I did a bath theme. Found an adorable tub  at Dollar Tree, along with  a pack of rubber ducks and  rubber frogs.  I saw this bow for  gifts and thought it would  make a good filler for the tub. Here I added a number 2  to the cake. My kids always loved th

Lily and No Help, Mac and Cheese, Chiro, Eyes, Allergies and Misty

 This girl is a mess! Would be nice if she was  helping with laundry but NO! Later, when I went out to do my coffee and sweap the  front porch, I  was being watched. There again, help would be nice! lol Okay, bacon maybe. But broccoli in with  shells and cheese,  NOPE! Just a great way to ruin shells and cheese. Wed. was chiro day.  So being goofy I just had to take a pic of my feet  from the view of my belly.  Oh man, thought I was over the allergy part of this spring, however, I woke Thursday morning with my throat and the roof of my mouth sore. Ears, and  nose stopped up, headache, head swimming and dizzy. I had to do some thing cause I had a doc apt for my eyes that I made months ago.  Sudafed, Tylenol and  a sniff or two of saline nose spray. I got to  feeling some better. Enough to get my eyes checked. Oh then the doc had to go and dilate the eyes, which seemed to bring on  the swimming, dizzy and headache again.  But, eyes are done and I  ordered a new pair of glasses, first tim

Cattitude, Trees for a Curtain, Nuthatch, Friends, Plants and Giraffe

 Good morning from the front porch in Nunnelly! Decided to sit out on the front porch with my brew Wed. morning. Was hoping to get the sunrise but I did not make it. Next time! A couple months ago I  bought these trees for  the front yard as a curtain  from the road and front  of the house. Only they are really  tiny right now! I have been told that they do grow fast, hoping so. Got five in the ground thanks to the auger bits I got for the  drill. Three more to go. I really need at least two more but Lowes is sold out. That is okay though, I will get some next season. That gap between my yard and neighbors house  will not be noticed. Not seen my slithering friend  anymore, knowing  that he is harmless makes me feel better. The prob is, if I see another one, I am not going  to get close enough to  see if its the same kind of  snake, to know if its harmless!! In the past week, I have  been visited by the snake, yesterday a lizard,  the toad/frog (don't know the difference) several ti

Replies, Gate, Stairs to Nowhere, Skeletons, and Misty Overload

   Hello all! Thought I might get  around to answering some comments left by others. Debbie over at  It's All About Purple asked me what door I liked in  my post ~ Painting Doors, Sheds, Stones, and Darla's Raised Bed ( Debbie, MINE! lol Actually, this one  and this one.   Check out Painting Proverbs on FB and see what all she has and what she does. Liz over at  Laws of Gravity shared someone's blog with me so that I could see the gate someone posted! I loved it Liz. I love gates and Calif. has some of the coolest, however here in TN most ours are basically used to keep live stock in and not as decorative as Calif. has. However, in riding a back  road, I found this gate,   The gate is not really that great, what was amazing with this one was the bridge behind the gate. Looked like an old railroad track bridge, but it is the bridge that the car goes over. Too neat. Several folks commented on the  test I had done. GOOD NEWS, my iron level i