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A Darker Change - Door

  Sometime back I saw a link on Pinterest where the doors were being painted black. I loved it.   All my doors are white but I started with the front door.     I really like the look. I just need to do that side strip.     Second coat. Now once I get all doors changed out in the house (they are stored in the shed) I will also do them in the dark color. I did not go with black but instead I went with a expresso brown.   I really like the white trim and dark door look. Plus, the dark does not show hand prints!!   Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Back to California

California is just a different world from Tennessee. I saw some really cool things each time I have been out there. And I have seen some strange things. This outfit being one.     Or this place.....No, No, No....I do not own this... Lol... Sorry, had to throw that in.     Or the nuke plant up near LA... Yep, it looks strange and my daughter in law knows the guy that designed it...   Interesting.       Our mountains in Tennessee are green and lush and Southern California is not, it's more brown bush and dirt look. Not a lot of lush green trees growing on the Mt. tops. But, they are a lot of really different flowers I have not seen before. Plus they have flowering bushes that grow between the opposite lanes of the highway.      Bushes between lanes on interstate. I will tell you what I love about the San Diego County area, those people love their dogs! I see dogs on the beach, and in the wat

Bathroom Redo

Okay, I am not Gail over at My Repurposed takes me a lot longer to do projects and turn them out. But....   FINALLY!   Over 4 yrs ago I started on my bath upstair. I had a friend flying in from Ohio so I took the day before off. I painted the walls, laid a floor and painted the cabinet white. I was worn out. The doors to the cabinet did not get put back on.   UNTIL YESTERDAY! Yes, I said yesterday.   But it was an on going project cause last yr. I had a new counter top, faucet, and new lighting put in. It went from this:       To this:   But shortly after having that done, I decided that the mirror needed to be framed out. And the white cabinet just did not look right with the dark counter top.   so....the cabinet went brown.   Since the sides of the this counter did not go up as high as the old one I had some wall repair that needed to be done. I was not up to sanding and repairing

Birth Place

When I was younger and raising kids I never thought I would return the California, where I was born.   My dad was stationed in Port Hueneme Calif. when I was born. Shortly after that we moved to San Diego.   My dream was to go back to California. In 2007 my son moved to out there. He met and fell in love. In 2011 he married Britney. I flew out to San Diego to attend and also photograph the wedding.   My sis in law Lori went with me. On that trip there was not a lot of time for sight seeing but one day Lori and I drove around. We went to North Island and I was able to photograph the sign for the street that I lived on when I was a baby. That was cool to me.   But the biggest dream was to go to Port Hueneme. Since it is 3 hours north of where my son lives I never saw myself driving that far just to see where I was born.         But on my trip the first of this month I was able to go by there. We had to go to Santa Barbara

Sunset on Del Mar Beach

Enjoyed my time on Del Mar Beach.....but this was really nice at the end of a day........         Love the birds in the bottom of this last pic....neat. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

July 4th- Fireworks in Del Mar California

  I have never shot fireworks before- I was a newbie at that this July 4th.   I was in Del Mar California spending the 4th with my son, Cory and his wife Britney.   We walked out the condo and down about a block to over look the Del Mar Race Horse Track where they were shooting fireworks.   There were folks everywhere!   Check out the smiley face below.   I loved it.   thanks for stopping in, Pam