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California is just a different world from Tennessee.

I saw some really cool things each time I have been out there. And I have seen some strange things. This outfit being one.

Or this place.....No, No, No....I do not own this...
Sorry, had to throw that in.
Or the nuke plant up near LA...
Yep, it looks strange and my daughter in
law knows the guy that designed it...

Our mountains in Tennessee are green and lush and Southern California is not, it's more brown bush and dirt look. Not a lot of lush green trees growing on the Mt. tops. But, they are a lot of really different flowers I have not seen before.

Plus they have flowering bushes that grow between the opposite lanes of the highway.

 Bushes between lanes on interstate.

I will tell you what I love about the San Diego County area, those people love their dogs! I see dogs on the beach, and in the water with their owners. Now there is NO WAY my dog would get near the water! I have seen the dogs skateboarding with their owner and some even pulling their owner while he is on the skateboard. This time I saw a couple riding bikes and on the front of the ladies bike there was a medium sized dog in that basket. I saw a couple about to get on a motorcycle with their dog, a large dog but they had a crate on the back of the bike with a pillow cushion in it and there is where the doggie rode. They walk, they run, they shop, they go just about everywhere the owner goes. I love it. Big dogs, little dogs, dogs on a leash, in their arms, on bikes… is a amazing!

But my question, how does a young couple or any couple for that matter ever pay a home off? Wow….the prices out there blew me away. My home out there would go for a lot…..I mean a LOT more than I gave for it. Homes on the sides of hills, tops of mountains, in the city, out all by its self……they are everywhere. And beautiful, so beautiful.



And then there were the trees that bare fruit.
This is my son's in laws house. They have
two kinds of peach trees, plums and avocados.
Beautiful place.

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