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Replies to Comments, Age Pics Again, Bedspread and Color, and Jumpsuit

  Replies to comments~ Ann mentioned on the post about paying up front for doc care on  one of my earlier post.  She said, " I think you look fantastic  45 years after your senior portrait. I've heard of paying up  front per appointment  but not for the whole 35  appointments. That would  be a lot of money for most people to pay. My thoughts about the paying up front...I agree Ann. I could not have done it if not for money from the sale of the house. As for the pic, 45 yrs later... Ann also stated on how to  save videos from others post to my FB page.   The first right click on it  and click the option  save as and then save it to  wherever you want it.  On the second at the bottom  of the video  there's a little gear (settings)  right click on that  and choose save as and then  choose where to save.   Ann, I have not tried that yet but WOW.. thanks. Jeanie made a comment, here it is~ Fingers crossed that your  appointments help ease the pains. They are helping with the  w

Critters, Swim Suits, Park and Shirt

Sorry I have been  MISSING IN  ACTION.. I lost the mouse cursor  on my laptop.. I took it in, and who  knew that F7  would cut the mouse  off??? I did not. The computer repair guy I met  in my adventures  a few weeks ago showed me that  trick. So, I am back and at it!!  I have learned that living in a rural area, esp if you move from a busting out all over area.... The drive to Wally World takes 25 mins. I have to two  to pick from but one is 25 and one is 26 So when I have to go out,  I plan my errands to get them all done while out. Killing more than two birds with one stone! With that said, I might not  have errands so on  those days I drive around to  check things out. My Chiro is 40 mins  each way and right now, at least  for two weeks, I make that trip three times a week.  I stopped at the Pet Market for Lily Bit wet food after one apt. I walked around and  checked out the critters, cause you know I love critters. My brother had a couple of  ferrets once. I loved them,

DL Hint, Old Door Decor, A Basket, No Litter Box and Misty River

  Hint for the day ~~~~ You ever had to get your DL out of the clear window of your wallet? What was shared with me, at the bank, put a piece of  tape on the front side of the DL, Use clear tape, that way if docs office, bank..etc needs to copy it, they can see it  all. Fold it and attach the other  side of the tape to  back side of the DL.... When you gotta take  the DL out of the wallet.... pull that tape. I used scotch tape, it did  not last long but then I  went with box sealing great. IT works so well when  pulling out the DL. You are WELCOME!!! My sis in law tagged me in the pic below on FB. I love this..... Another cute FB pic,  this is cute. ALso, saw this on  FB. HAHA No need for a litter box!! Funny... Now for the sweetest pic of  all~~~~ My shadow. The girls and I wish you a great day, Pam