Critters, Swim Suits, Park and Shirt

Sorry I have been 

I lost the mouse cursor 
on my laptop..
I took it in, and who
 knew that F7 
would cut the mouse 
I did not.

The computer
repair guy I met 
in my adventures 
a few weeks ago
showed me that 
trick. So, I am
back and at it!!

 I have learned that living
in a rural area, esp if you move
from a busting out all over

The drive to Wally World takes
25 mins. I have to two 
to pick from but one is 25 and one
is 26
So when I have to go out, 
I plan my errands to get them
all done while out.
Killing more than two birds
with one stone!

With that said, I might not 
have errands so on 
those days I drive around to 
check things out.
My Chiro is 40 mins 
each way and right now, at least 
for two weeks, I make that trip
three times a week. 

I stopped at the Pet Market for
Lily Bit wet food after one
apt. I walked around and 
checked out the critters, cause
you know I love critters.

My brother had a couple of 
ferrets once. I loved them, 
but was allergic to them.
Cute as buttons.

Check out this 
hairless guinea pig!
Oh yes, and pregnant.

Little bunny.

I loved having fish but 
have not had any in years.
Watching them swim around is 

Check out the purple fish!

Neon Tetra.
SO cool....I always made
sure I always had these.

Birds, these I am not
a fan of.

Very messy.

This guys was so friendly, 
came right up and wanted pic made.

Since there really are no
shopping stores, other than Dollar 
General, I take advantage of 
stores when I head to the chiro.

Yes, we have been having 
warmer temps, but we
are not here yet!

Notice a theme in the colors...
yep, this summers
colors again.

On the way home, I stopped
in at a park just to check it out.

 One day last week 
when going to the Chiro I 
kept feeling chocked by
my shirt.
It was not until I 
went into the chiro office
and back out that 
I realized the issue.


Seriously, I feel like
a flake at times.

So, I slipped my arms
out of the sleeves, turned the 
shirt around and slipped my
arms back in, right in the 
parking lot!!

Thanks for stopping in,


That is hilarious! You do not know how many times I have done something like that. But, I saw someone the other day with a hooded sweatshirt on backwards. How is that even possible?
Liz A. said…
Yeah, when everything is far away, you have to plan your shopping and such. Definitely one of the cons of the move. I'm sure there are plenty of pros, though, to ofset this.
BeachGypsy said…
i do like that park with the table by the water.....we like places like that for sandwiches! Love all the interesting pictures you put on. I had fish SO MANY MANY YEARS ago, my favorites were black mollies and neon tetras, like you! They were so glowy! We also had a few ferrets over the years. they were adorable but sure have a distinct "odor"... Now we're strictly dogs/cats/farm animals. And I love them all! no birds except chickens and outside birds.
Christine said…
Did not know about F7
Ann said…
I've done the backwards shirt thing several times. I even went out once and realized the leggings I had on were backwards.
MadSnapper said…
been there done that with the backwards shirts and did the same turn around but not in the car. ha ha. i prefer the wooded places you went over the stores except i always look at the critters when in a pet store too... I fuss if i have to drive more than 2 miles to shop.. we have 5 Walmarts all within 2 to 7 miles of my home. and a million people to shop them all of which are old and poor drivers..
Marie Smith said…
lol. The shirt works both ways. A new fashion trend established, Pam.
Darla M Sands said…
My husband once went to see his doctor with a pocketed t-shirt on backward. lol And I've not only done that but worn items inside-out a few times, so don't feel bad. :) We are lucky that our most frequented stores are about ten minutes away yet almost everything else is a twenty minute one-way drive whether via side streets or freeway; it's a running joke with us. I've been going to a YMCA a few towns away for my swims and asked him if he could guess how long it takes to get there. Of course, he could. Heh...

I enjoyed seeing the critters and that park, as I'm sure you can guess. My husband heard the story of your body scan at the chiropractor just today and my hope these visits improve your quality of life. ~hugs~ Blessings, my dear.

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