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Curls, Headstone and Coins, Sedum and Misty

 My daughter Amber, facetimed with Felicity (her grand) the other night and noticed these curls. Curls seem to run in the family. This cutie, would be  ME. Although, you can't tell  much in this pic, those are curls. As my hair grew, it continued to be curly. This would be Amber. When her hair was wet, like Felicity's, it was just as curly as hers. My son's hair was curly when he was young. Then there is Braden's hair, it was also curly.   Found this interesting and I was unaware of this. I have this pot of Sedum  sitting on my brick wall between the  driveway and the back yard and the  other day I noticed it knocked off. I thought maybe my yard dude did it but usually he will say something. I broke the side of the pot but I was not that worried about that. I sat it back on the wall. Today I noticed this! CRAP... something is eating it. I am told it was prob the  deer. That makes sense since I had this in the backyard in the fenced area the last couple yrs and moved it

Morning on the Deck, Plants, and the Center Fold Pose (again)

 Good morning everyone! Its 64 degrees on the deck this morning, and I love it. Plus, I get to hang with my two fave babes! Misty. And Lily Bit. Yesterday I watered my plants. I try to do that every other day but  with the rain this spring, I have not had to do it much at all. I did happened to notice that my Hydrangea bush was about to bloom. This will be the second Hydrangea bloom  this season but actually the first on this bush since I planted it in  the spring of 2020, when I moved here. This one was actually a sprout  from my two big bushes at the old house. I am so excited.  Check out all my tiny plants coming up. This is from the package of seeds I got at Mama Beverly's  Celebration of  Life. Can't wait to see what  these are! You know I shared with you that we had that terrible freeze in  Dec. I call this the Freeze of  Dec. 2020. I thought it got my English Ivy, and it did get the exposed vines, but with all my  work to cut it all back, its coming up from the ground. Y

Morning Coffee, Fur Company, Pain and Fatigue

 Good morning! I am on the deck enjoying these amazing May temps.  But, alas we are heading into June and I know I will not be able to hang out here much in the  summer months.  Today, which is Saturday on  my calendar, later when you read this but it is great out here. I normally can't hang out here at 11am, but its overcast, 73,  humidity is at 63 percent which to me  sounds like a lot but it feels great, course I am not out in the yard working either. I really need to get the rear in gear  and not sit out here keeping the  furs company.  HAHA...since I don't think they really care if I hang out here or not! Like I said, I need to get some  things done inside, my friend Tim is coming in from the  Philippines again. He will be staying here, not sure for how long. I do know that he will prob visit with friends here, drive to Fla. to visit with mom, dad and brothers.  I know he is coming in on Monday... but as of yet, he has failed to give anymore info, which realistic, I think 

Smelling, Booting Up, Bush, Snoozing, and Gifts

I did not attend the graduation of Hannah last night but I  am very proud of this young lady. Pregnant at 14, a mom  at 15, a student, and an employee, a  daughter and a girlfriend.... Just like Evie's dad who graduated last yr, her mom graduated last night!  CONGRATS Hannah. Very proud of you. Check out those caps. Not only did Hannah wear a cap and gown,  Evie supported her mom with wearing a tiny cap and gown. Got a tad side tracked while posting commercial pics and was not blogging  about other stuff. So, this posting will  be about this and that, and all the other stuff! One morning last week I went out on the deck to have my morning coffee, Lily  jointed me. She has to smell most of my drinks, never par taking in  any of them, but smell she has too. I went into work over a week ago and it took 30 mins to get logged on. My billing program was not being seen so I logged back out twice to see if I  could get it to do what it  needed to do.  NOTHING. Called Theresa in to see if s