Morning on the Deck, Plants, and the Center Fold Pose (again)

 Good morning everyone!
Its 64 degrees on the deck this
morning, and I love it.

Plus, I get to hang with my
two fave


And Lily Bit.

Yesterday I watered my plants.
I try to do that every other day but 
with the rain this spring, I have not
had to do it much at all.

I did happened to notice that
my Hydrangea bush was about to bloom.
This will be the second Hydrangea bloom 
this season but actually the first
on this bush since I planted it in 
the spring of 2020, when I moved here.
This one was actually a sprout 
from my two big bushes at the old
I am so excited. 

Check out all my tiny plants
coming up. This is from the package
of seeds I got at Mama Beverly's 
Celebration of 

Can't wait to see what 
these are!

You know I shared with you that
we had that terrible freeze in 
Dec. I call this the Freeze of 
Dec. 2020. I thought it got
my English Ivy, and it did get
the exposed vines, but with all my 
work to cut it all back, its coming
up from the ground.
I thought it got a bush in the 
front yard but that is
coming back.
I was worried it got my
red velvet Crepe Myrtle but
yay, that came back from the 

I was pretty sure, since I could not locate
my Lemon Sage was gone. 
I have grown this for 35 yrs, and even
though I never cook with it, I like having
it. However, I found some that was 
growing under the deck where
seeds had blown last spring!

Managed to find enough to 
put in two pots. 
This stuff is good to keep around
the deck or patio to 
ward off blood sucking flying
man eating TN

Not sure if it works but I 
have read it does.
I would also like to get some
lemon grass to maybe plant
between my Hydrangeas in front of
the deck. 
not my pic 

Although those blood suckers are
not anywhere as bad as they
were on Catskill Dr. due
to the cheek next to the house,
but if I can ward any of them off,
I will. 
Actually, thought of a bat box
to see if I can bring some around.

I tell you, this girl is working that 
Center Fold pose
really hard.

Not sure how staples in the 
center of her body will 
What do you think Brian?




Darla M Sands said…
Thanks for sharing your garden adventures. :) The 'staples' comment puzzled me for a moment because all I could think was surgical staples. lol Best wishes!
Marie Smith said…
Love the pose. Classic!
Ann said…
I would love to be able to start my mornings on the deck. Of course I would need to get a roof on it first and then I would need to quit my job so I can stay home.
Glad to hear things are coming back.
Sandee said…
Spring is such a magical time of year. Your babies are adorable.

I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
Liz A. said…
Lucky that those seeds flew under the deck, then.
Mari said…
Your plants are looking good. I love hydrangeas!
That looks like the purrfect way to start the day. Brian said not to worry, he could gently remove the staples with a flick of the claw.
Christine said…
Nice plants and cute cats

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