Supernatural/Towel Holders/ Kitchen Island

~Today is ~
National Poultry DayNational Chocolate Caramel DayNational Let’s Laugh DayNational Certified Nurses DayWorld Social Work Day – I personally would love to give National Choc Caramel Day a try today!
And you all know I love to laugh so National Lets  Laugh Day is  a go.
Not been out and about  to take pics so these pics are coming from the  internet and PINTEREST.
My first thought for so reason  this morning is SUPERNATURAL.

14th Season and my how they have  grown! YUMMY.
I love Dean the BAD BOY but then there is the sensitive personality  of Sam.
My fave show. And I have been watching it since the beginning. However I am thinking the end is near, the story line has gotten old, not as much fun. A show I will hate to see go when the time does come.

New Boho Whimsical Outfit

So my niece Holly is getting  married next month. When I asked if there was a  theme to the wedding I was told Bohemian Whimsical...
Yep, two of my fave words. I looked up dresses on line that would work great but the  problem is, I hate buying clothes on line. I like to try on, I like to feel and touch. I like to see them to be sure colors are not altered being on line....
Then I remembered my skirt.
I love this skirt.  But the top I wore with it before is too big now so I went with something different.
I was at Wally World the other day and I saw this kimon.

Flowy, loose, and  Boho looking!
But what would I put with  it?
Why not a soft t-shirt.

Happy St Paddy's Day

Mine is Playful O'Gratin!
Back weeks ago when I went to  the quilt show I saw this lady playing Jinga with big blocks.

Oops....pulled the wrong one!
Took this pic the other day  when I went home to put up my Christmas tree!
Hosta is coming up.

Yes, I did say Christmas tree. I have not been home longer then about 30 mins at a time in almost 3 months.
My goal was to have

This and That and Whatever

I love this... if only I had a the room for  a kitchen island. 

(internet pic) I actually have a dresser in moms basement that would work for this... It was the dresser my granddad used in his home in Georgia. It needs some love but  I think I can do something with it.

(internet pic) FYI for those out there that really don't know me! I am one of those easy going folks that can come out of that shell if need be!
Anyone out there struggling to lose weight?

You need to purchase a spoon like this.

Bet this would help a lot with weight issues. When any of us in the family traveled we brought mom back a spoon. She had such a cool collection. My oldest brother being the one that travele