This and That Again Today

Morning and Happy Sunday.
You know that something like this would really catch my eye. How different is this?

haha.... guessing my marriage was not true love since I did throw a knife at my ex once upon a time!

WHAT? Yep, I did. He dodged it. 
Thursday was amazing here in  Nashville. 70 degrees with amazing sun. I posted in the blog that day that  the furbabes got a manicure. I clipped their nails...
I also got into the SPRING type feeling and painted my toenails.  I don't wear polish in the winter,  I sort of let them breathe during the  winter. 

I am pushing SPRING I guess... cause I actually shaved my legs (haha....they needed it) and I put on shorts!

This and That

Yesterday was a beautiful.... yuck day! 
It was cool, 30 degrees cooler than the day before which topped out at 70!
But I did get out yesterday between  rains and checked out thing in  the yard.
Spring is springing!
Hydrangea bush.

I can't even remember what this is.
But it is coming up!
This is honeysuckle.
My houseleeks. The pink purple color.
Love the water drop inside the leaves.

Hosta~ I uncovered to see if they were coming up but then I turned around and covered them back up.

More houseleeks.
But with the weather being  yucky outside I laid around all day and I surfed  PINTEREST.
I love this!

And I found this too. Redneck windchimes!

Bday was Wed and so far I am still enjoying the benefits! Thursday evening my younger brother Mark and SIL Kim took me to dinner.
Yesterday mom took me to lunch and today my daughter, future son in law and one of my soon to be grandson's will be coming over to see me for my bday!
After today, it should end! haha.<

Food/Soap and Mud

Here is another though for my blogger friends still dealing with  snow.

I do!
Been surfing Pinterest. Isn't this cool?

Well as always you know that staying at my brothers I alway try to  cook them a welcome home meal after driving all day.
I asked my SIL what she wanted and she smiled and said, "you know what I want"!
Yep....she loves my beef tips. And since she likes corn and green beans I fixed that also. 
I added onion and ham to the beans.

In the my brothers bathroom on  a wall ledge I saw this.... HAHA

At the same time I saw this.
Here you go  snow folks! Why not have fun with it?

Just so you is a an amazing  feeling 68 degrees this morning in  Nashville TN. Me and the furbabes are on the  deck soaking it all in. Birds are singing, I can hear the creek flowing and I have 70's music on  in the kitchen.  Strong breeze but it feels great. Really strange, at 8 pm last night it was 60 and 2 this morning it was 66! Strange weather but I have come to know that Mother Nature is fickle!
Here is the thought for you to carry with  you today.... you too should not let anyone dull your sparkle!!

Morning manicures were done on  the deck this morning. I love how Lily just sits back in my arms, her back to my chest and lets me clip her nails! If they stayed out I would have painted them a beautiful lavender color!

The blue handled ones for Lily's and  the other of course are Dakota's. HAHA...I actually keep mom's three dogs trimmed up also.  I was pleased to find those for Lily.... I was doing her's with regular clippers before a…

Vday/Bday - Start of Christmas Ornaments

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends here in blogland!

And HaPpY BiRtHdAy  to me!

Yep...been telling folks all my life that  I am a sweetheart and they are not buying it yet!
My mom used to make these all the time and crochet with this  string like stuff.... I have asked her to teach me. I think dollies are so pretty.

I tried to paint some while up here at my brothers.. (today is my last day) But I only managed to do three  little things. 
I am working on Christmas ornaments... 2018 theme is  Snowmen!