Replies to Your Comments

  Time to reply to some comments. Jeanie over at stated that she had never had luck wintering over Basil or Rosemary.  Jeanie, I never really tried it. I left my Rosemary in a pot sitting in the flowerbed next to the side of the house. It did great. My Basil was not so lucky, I brought it in and even though it made it all winter  it is not looking good. Oregano however did not make it a few weeks in the house. I sat the pot on the  covered deck and it is coming back.  Sandee at Stated that she did not know what a Dammit Doll was for.... haha... Sandee, they are a faceless doll, stuffed with strange hair. You use them when stressed, pissed or just needing a release. You take it by the feet and  slam the head on the desk and  yell DAMMIT. Diane at Said that our iris here in  the states are different then hers. She has English Iris. I am going to have to look those up and see the  differenc

Planting, Canvas, Ant, Rain Chain, Chest and Sandals

Several days of feeling like crap. I finally had three good days. I picked up some Begonias for my pots. I like to line my porch steps with potted plants and I have found that Begonias do good. Chey is photo bombing me! haha If you see to the left of the steps is my yard art.  Love this piece. Last yr. after I lost Dakota a woman I know in Mass. sent me this.  It was in the garden last yr  but the plants covered it up so I have braced it on the  fence above the flowers  for this yr. I ran into Hobby Lobby the  other day to pick up  something I needed, but I will probably have to buy on line. Anyway, I noticed the price on these canvas.   Before COVID I was paying 9.99 they are now 12.99. Regardless of how badly  consumers were hit, we have to pay to bail out the income the stores have lost. While I played in the yard  with plants and seeds I  fixed my metal ant. The hanger on the back was broken so I  made a new one. A couple years before mom past my brother redid the screens on the po

Sweet Comment and Fun Times

Thursday on FB I posted this~   I have always been a people person, but as the years go by, the fibro gets worse and then the past yr of COVID I have come to realize that I think I like animals better then people. I was walking into work this morning when a woman was walking towards me with her dog. I looked right at the dog and said, "good morning pretty"....then the lady laughed and said hello. I then noticed her. After posting this my friend Cindy came on and left her comment. Cindy Jones Hollis You always know how to put a smile on someone’s face!!! Intentionally or unintentionally!!   1 Like  ·  Reply  ·  1 Active Pam Montgomery Jackson Cindy Jones Hollis  you know that is always been my goal.....laugh is better though Like  ·  Reply  ·  1d Cindy Jones Hollis I miss those meetings where you cracked Everyone up!!   Like  ·  Reply  ·  1d Active Pam Montgomery Jackson Cindy Jones Hollis  haha...that was if I could get a one liner in before  Chris Ramage  or  Paul Murray !!