It Begins ~Packing, Moving, Cleaning....

Saturday my daughter, middle grand and son in law came to help me at mom's house. The living room was FULL of boxes. Items I had packed up for others, things they requested, things they gave mom, pics of their children etc. The fam helped me move all that to the  basement till the others come and get.
Yesterday I went over and dusted  the floors which are the original flooring in the house. Over the  years their was carpet down but about ten years ago I helped mom rip that up, she hired the  floors sanded and redone. I mopped the whole upstairs. Moved over two loads of  boxes I have packed. 

I am sitting them in the corner of the living room till furniture is moved over. Hoping for no rain  this coming weekend, and I will rent a U Haul. Amber and the small baseball team of grandsons we hope to get the furniture moved. 
Here is my dining room. 

Mom just had the kitchen, living room,  dining room and hall painted about  6 months before we lost her. 
And you can tell the stairs come up between the dining room an…

Rain, Sky, Cleaning, Appointments

Rainy, rainy, rainy day and it hung with us till right at 1:00.
But it was pretty driving to the barn this evening to  feed.

But before evening time my daughter, her hubby and my middle grand met me at mom's house. They helped me carry things to the basement (boxes of things that belong to others). And they carried off 3 SUV loads of stuff to Goodwill. 
I dusted floors and cleaned up a bit. Forgot the mop so  I will go back with it tomorrow.
I will start moving boxes in and next weekend, if not raining then I will rent a u haul and Amber and  that small football team she has will come help move stuff.
Such a peaceful feeling with in me these days.

I saw an eye doc for the eye lid surgery. I blogged later that I  got the ok from the insurance company to have the surgery and although the doc was in my plan, the place she operated out of was not. Now I did not wish to have to meet my deductible and pay out of network cost to have  the surgery. Plus apparently the  insurance company contacted my heart doc who said th…

Growing / Purple Heart / Sweatshirt

Still GROWING.....
                 and GROWING.......                                    and GROWING!
When I went to Deborah's retirement party, my sweet friend Cindy had a gift for me.

Isn't that the prettiest stone! I love it.
For Christmas Theresa and Dawn  at work gave me this card telling me that I get to go to our gift shop for our department and pic out a sweatshirt that I liked.
Yesterday before leaving work the three of us went to the shop and I picked out this sweatshirt hoodie.
Today I had an apt and since it was cold out...I wore it.

I stayed nice and warm today!
Have a great weekend. Pam

Returning HOME for a Retirement Party

It was like going home today when I went back to the TBI for Deborah's retirement party.

Deborah trained me. There were three of us in the Medicaid Fraud Unit. Deborah worked with the East Tn agents, Cindy worked with the West Tn agents  and I had Middle Tn.  Partners in Crime! 
Deborah has BIG hair. I used to tell her the bigger the hair the closer to God. So today the tables were decorated with....of course HAIR SPRAY!

That's Deborah in the of course in the corner. No clue who the dude was watching me!


Director of the TBI and Deborah. This is not the same Director I  worked under.

That's my bud Phil with the camera. I met Phil about 16 years ago when he was a new photographer to Photographic Services (yes, where I work now). Phil and  I worked together and Phil is the one that put a good word in for me to help me move over to the TBI. 
The guy sitting down is Deborah's son, Charlie

That's Deb

Flarping at Work /Purple Balls/ Instant Cooking

Yesterday I decided to have some  fun at work.....

This stuff makes the worst gas sound when you stuff it back in the container. 
On my way home yesterday I  went by Ole Time Pottery. I have not been in there in a while so I thought I would just go on  and walk around. 
But look what I found!

I had gotten silver balls for  my black tree for Christmas  this coming yr. but could not find purple. Ole Time had these. I got 5 boxes, 10 balls per box... 30 cents each! YAY... SCORE!
HAHA....that is Theresa or AKA T and she is working while I took a  small break to take this pic!
T and I met about 15 yrs ago when she came back to work for Photographic Services. She had worked there before me. We worked together a couple of years, and became good friends  before I left. Since T lives about 7 mins from me we have remained good friends. She is also my boss now!
I got my daughter a Instant Pot for Christmas and she LOVES it. So I sort of got tired of hearing about the meals she was I thought, if it is that eas…

One Year Ago Today

Today, January 12 makes one yr since I lost my mom and its still hard. 
In someways it feels like yesterday and in others it feels like forever. But finally I feel like I am on the mend, like maybe I am starting to heal.
I miss her everyday but I don't think that will ever change.
I have a move ahead  of me.  I have a surgery in the future on my eye lids. I have weddings booked to assist at already on the  calendar. Things are in the works to renew my  contract with the state. And life goes on.
Miss you mom.

My Plans

There have been so many nice comments and thoughts and even a lot of questions on  yesterdays blog. Thank you all.
To reply to them....yes, I do think I have made the right decision  in buying my childhood home.  I do know that it is going to  cause some more stress on me preparing my home for sell, packing to move to moms and getting things lined up. I have  not had to do this in 28 years. My biggest worry is staying on task and not allowing myself to get overwhelmed and my body shutting down. I am going to have to push myself but  in the long run, this was be  great.
My new home is brick and  siding with replacement windows  compared to my home now which is wood siding, although I do have replacement windows. The deck there is shaped different, where mine is long and not so wide, that one is more square. Plus, there is another  portion of the deck not roofed or screened, so a perfect section for grilling. I had the part of my backyard fenced in for the dogs when I brought them here,  Dakota never had to be fenced. …