Happy Bday Son

Two years ago today I was in  California for my son's bday.
This shot was taken up on Palomar Mountain.
I wished I could be with him today. My baby turns 33 today. 
I was so honored to be a part of his group on the mt. to celebrate his special day in 2018.
Silly bunch. 
If interested in reading about the get together  you can find it here...
 33 years ago at 11:37 am this  brat  boy came into the world.
His sissy as he grew to call her was very excited to meet him.
He grew to be a silly boy. Always into something and  always keeping mom on her toes.

And he continued to grow and get into even more things.

And he grew into a handsome young man.
Who to this day can make anyone laugh. He is fun and full of  entertainment. 
He works a terrible shift at a  casino outside San Diego and almost daily on his drive home around 10:30 am, he calls his mom.

Sunset and Charlie Daniels

A shot from my picture window in the living room at sunset.

Smack dab in the middle of this pic is a flag pole. That pole has not had a flag flying from it for so many years but it used to have one all the time. My dad had this  installed. And YES...I have the flag that last flew here. Found it when going through mom's stuff. 
It is neat moving into a  home and knowing its history. Knowing how that work bench in the basement was built by dad and a friend. Knowing that the garage door opener has been there forever. Knowing that the paneling in the garage was installed years after my family moved here. Just the little things!
Found pics of a split rail fence between this house and the neighbors...totally forgot that it had been there. Thinking that dad might have put it there, but can't remember when it came down. I will  ask Mark, my younger brother, he lived here the longest, he might know. But its the history of my home, and I know most  of it!
RIP Charlie Daniels. Gone at 83 from a massive stroke. 

I personally f…

Six Feet, Chunky, Rain, Sunset and Caleb's Pics

written Sunday July 5th

For the 4th I decided to stop and get some BBQ.  I had to laugh when I saw  the space between cars in the line..... social distancing??  You see next to the building is a car ordering food (you can see this car) but yet the one behind is staying  back, more then 6 feet! 

Wow, this pic popped up  on my feed on FB. 

CHUNKY! haha This was taken in 2011 at my son's wedding in  Temecula Ca.  I so don't miss that neck at all!!
Tomorrow it looks like a NON rainy day but according to this it will start on Tue and go till the next Monday. 

I went out a week or so ago at sunset on the  lake to get some pics.

Beautiful sunset but I have seen better.  It was

Connection Issues, Virus, Old Pics

written Friday posting Sunday
FINALLY.....AT&T have my issues
taken care of. I have not been kicked
off the internet or had my tv freeze since
Wed. afternoon. I had forgotten how nice
it is to have things work correctly.

Apparently we moved too fast
into phases.

Crap started spiking up again
so they have moved us back.
I see that a lot of states are
now pulling back due to spikes
in numbers. Here in Nashville,
you are required to wear a mask
when out.

Do you believe that this virus
was set out upon the world
on purpose? Do you think it is
man made after all or that is
did come about accidentally?

I went through some more of moms
pics the other day.  Found this
pic of the house. That  is Amber
standing on the steps and I am
not sure if that is Cory running
up behind her or my nephew Chase.

I have seen this pic all my
life. Dad working for the Navy
and removing a dead whale from
the beac…

Signs and Door Decor

written June 29
Back several post ago I  showed you my porch sign.
I am loving it. 
When I posted it on FB I  had someone offer me  money for it, but I was not selling it. But I did however  decide that I could make some and sell them. 
I decided to start with some smaller ones.....Home signs. I also showed these before but yesterday I finally sealed them and finished them up.

I am actually thinking that  since these will store flat and  not really take up that much room I might make one for holidays!!! I love Halloween!!!
A few yrs ago I made a HOME one for my daughter but I painted the wooden letters and attached them to the board. This time I used the  wood letters and traced off the  letter and painted that. 
When I was at my daughters a few weeks ago I noticed my daughter  still had her Easter thing on the  front door.... So yesterday I made her this for her door.
Are you doing anything  creative right now?

I got the Blessed 
sign to my daughter 
yesterday (Friday)
and she hung it as
soon as she got home.

AT&T, Meeting, Meal, Friends

Hey folks... Been having some issues with my AT&T connection. When I moved here I  had them hook me up with Uverse. Mom had it  here but when we thought  we were selling the house  I had it cut off. Since hooking back up....PROBLEMS.
My TV freezes up and mostly at a good part  of the show or movie. The internet throws me out. This has been  going on since March. Dude was here that installed it, I have had two indoor techs  here, one that replaced equipment, one replaced wiring.I then contacted a rep over ATT FB page and asked could it be an issue at the pole  outside. They said they would send an outdoor tech. HAHA... Yep, two more indoor techs on  different days showed up and I  told them they were suppose to be outdoor tech. The first one was going to set up an out guy to come. But that was when the second  indoor came and he said the first one did not do that. So he did, these two dudes did not come in the  house cause I was not wasting my time. 
The day the 4th tech came he did request an outdoor dude and one cam…

Card, Replies to Comments, Hair and Visitation

I have some of the sweetest friends. The card below came from Rebecca, my friend and the realtor that sold my home.

There was the nicest note inside about how she thanked me for having her sell my home. Rebecca has only been selling homes for a few months. She even included a $50 Lowe's gift card.  How sweet was that?
In my post the other day about the Print Company  changed Shear City for  hair Ann over at mentioned that the place  sure looked nice and  wondered what it looked like before.... NOT LIKE THAT!! It was a small family owned printing company. Can't even  remember the man who owned its name. There was the owner, man who went out to pull in  customers, a pressman, and  me and another young woman that worked bindery. I only worked there one summer. However when  school started back I was in the 10th and I took Graphic Arts (printing)  which lead to my printing background. 
Liz over at stated that she was hoping I was okay from…