Just a Little of This and More of That

Yesterday I was sharing some things about Fibro with you. Today I thought I would share more.

Fibro is a lot like Lupus and even MS.  Different is Lupus attacks your organs. MS attacks everything. Fibro does neither of those. THANK GOODNESS.
I told you about how  the fatigue hits me. But I did not tell you that just taking a shower takes so much out of me. The hot water hitting my body feels amazing but at the same time it drains me... so much so I have to rest after taking a shower.
Okay...enough! Check out these pumpkin!

Found them on FB also.
Here is another dresser I found on Pinterest. More sudle and not so BOLD as the one from yesterday.

Fatigue to Pumpkins

Evening folks... morning or afternoon  depending on when you find yourself reading my blog today!
Happy you all stopped in.
So...those that have been following me know my adventures with  Fibromyalgia.  You are always so good to check in and ask how I am doing. I am doing pretty good right now.  Wanted to share that since you usually just hear of the  bad days! 
However I did want to share this.

All true...this is all true. The last one, suddenly need to lay  down. Let me explain that  one. Pain is a major issue, but fatigue is right there along side of the pain. When I say fatigue I  am not talking being  tired and if you never really experienced fatigue  you know what I mean. It is draining, it feels like all the engery in you  has been sucked out of you. When it hits, all I can do is lay down.
Yesterday, mixing horse poo to my flower bed, stooping  down, all of a

All Around Fun Post

This morning at 6:10 (yes the furbabes thought I needed to get up early) it was 47 degrees.
Although Lily, wearing her fur coat has no issue being on the deck... The King and I however decided to do the morning from the couch.

Candy for this time of yr. ⇓⇓⇓⇓

Payday for me.
Yesterday I made a fast trip to  JC Penney for these. ⇓⇓⇓⇓

Yep, overalls. I have not worn them in  yrs since but since being... SKINNIER I decided I wanted a pair. I really, really dislike that I  gave 30 bucks for them but they were on clearance from 69.
After picking these up and  heading for the register I decided to do a walk around.
Saw this...

Barn Stress and a Scam

As winter moves in  things change... my body being one. I saw this on fb the other day and thought  I would share.
Keep in mind that if you know someone with a chronic illness, chronic pain this is their life. ⇊⇊⇊⇊
Now....keep in mind that stress plays with  Fibro also.
And I have been dealing  with stress this past week. Barn/horse stress.
At the barn where  Misfire stays there are other folks that rent stalls there also.  Jeanna - she manages the barn even though it is owned by my friend Chris. She. has one horse there - Black (one with diamond on  face)
Tim - Him and Jeanna  used to stall at another barn together. He has one horse - Lily.
And Mr. Eddie, he has two horses there. Scout (below) and Fed Ex (the other black horse in the pick with Black).