Eggs/ Flowers/Brochure and Gift

I run across this sort of stuff on FB all the time.

How do you eat yours? Me~ I love A. Then B, D and C!
Been a few days since I have done any sorting and packing here  at moms. But a few days ago I ran across this.

Brochure for a care giver company. Photos by Pam Jackson. The lady on the front row, standing in front of the woman in  the red scrubs is my friend  Laura. I used to shoot for this and her website.
Mom kept all sorts of things. Business cards. Years ago there was suppose to be a boy that was saving business cards to try and get a certain amount. I think maybe that is what mom was saving these for.

Yesterday before the rains moved in yet again, I had a wedding to shoot  at Tennessee Tiny Wedding.
On the way over there I saw this.

BEAUTIFUL! This means SPRING is knocking at our door and maybe just maybe if the rain d


So....want to see me seat dance and almost hit the car stopped in front of me?
Let a spider come out of a hole next to the vent in the car, right there next to me... gets me dancing and wiggling all over the place. Majorly good thing that I  was stopped at the red light.

I did get it smashed!
I ran out of boxes I had on hand so I headed to the  LIQUOR store. Only came home with empty ones.

The 14th was my bday so I did  what I have been doing for several years now. 
I took my mom cut flowers.

First yr I did this, I walked in and told her Happy Bday. She replied that it was not her bday and that is when I told her but you gave  birth to me.

The other day I thought maybe if I baked something I  would feel better. Sorry that it did not work

Bed Springs

Been doing a lot of thinking, lots of adjusting and  lots of trying to not get  overwhelmed and bogged down.
However, being here at mom's house has been really hard.
I decided (for today anyway) that I can relocate my   12 yr old dog to mom's then I need to try and relocate Molly the 14 yr old to my home.

I need to move on. I need to get things done.
Anyway moving on... Have you ever thought to  decorate with bed springs?
Here are some cute ways of doing that.
Got lots of jewelry? Check out what I found on PINTEREST using springs to a baby bed.

Cute idea.
But what about some lighting? Another spring from a baby bed.

Oh but check out what you can do with the old springs  from a bed.

Baby Bed Rails

Well, its raining again! So tired of rain. Once again also I am trying  to get my blog done. Maybe I will not delete it this time.
Yesterday I spent the better part of  the day cleaning out a couple of closets and dressers.  I have one brother that has no attachment to things so he would just be here tossing stuff and the other brother is having a hard time just coming over. 
I will require their help in the basement but her personal things I want to go through. I want to touch, smile,  cry and see what all I find and I can do that better on my own. ALONE!
Not the way I thought I would spend my bday but I have to do things as I feel like it. 
How about some BATHROOM HUMOR.

NOPE, I will not be doing this in my BR but I saw and  wanted to share.


You know that I love taking items and revamping them  for other uses. So I thought I would share with you on what you can do with the rails of a baby bed. 
A baby gate.