Fans to Walk Abouts Including Trees

You all know by now that I am all about using items in different ways~ I think that is called up cycling. I saw this on Pinterest the  other day and thought, wow, how  cool. The side rails for a baby bed.

Temps have been moving  on into the "HEAT" section of my porch thermometer!
I keep fans in my room upstairs and a guest room. I had an older box fan on the deck. But took the older box fan to the  barn to hang in Misfires stall to run at night.  HAHA...that in itself is a funny story. But anyway, I brought the one from the guest room down. It's like this one.

I thought with it sitting up higher  it would do a great job but it was not even doing the trick.
So off to Wally World I went for another box fan...and I love the colors! Yep, got a purple one!
The one I took from the deck to take to Misfire was older but worked great. Weeks ago I pulled up the barn, unloaded it then I noticed Chris' son in the pasture  unloading stuff from his truck to the burn pile. I knew I would have to move so he could…

Nature Shots/Cemetery and Knob Project

After the rain.

Over a week ago I grabbed the  camera and went for a short  ride. I stopped to  photograph this Brown Eye Susan (I think) on the side of the road.

And this beautiful Queen Annes Lace.

Along the way I saw this at the front of someones property.

I watched the clouds move around the sky as I drove.

Then I stopped at this cemetery  on the side of a well traveled two lane road.  I have always wondered about it  by stopping I realized it is a family owned one. 

Braden/ Fuse Box Cover

Last Wed. my youngest grandson came to spend the afternoon with me. Even though I was feeling bad I wanted to  give him a good time.
We messed around on the deck most of the time, it was one of those not so hot days. But a popsicle is good just the  same.

Braden was the first one to  be able to play the new tic tac toe  board. 

A couple weeks ago when DJ came to spend the afternoon with me, Lily went wild. She ran around and showed off. With Braden she jumped up to  spend time with him. That is unusual for her. She apparently likes kids.

But this is what happens when you  spend time with  Nana!

I have a view of my hydrangea bushes from