Painting / Unusual Items

We have not been moving fast on mom's house but now we know that we need to get things moving.
I stopped by on my home  yesterday and decided I needed to get in gear so I at least grabbed the paintings.
I brought five home and I  know there is one more I need to get. 
Here is the Big Springs where the small town of Cedartown Ga. gets its water. I painted this years ago for my mom since she was born in Cedartown.... 82 yrs ago this past Dec. 5th.
This hung in her living room.

Now it hangs in mine. 

Yesterday after leaving work I had a couple errands to run  then I needed to get my hair cut. I had some time to kill so I rode around a neighborhood I have not ventured off in before (unusual to me cause I have ridden through most around me). I found this on my drive around.

Now that is a neat mailbox.
HAHA...and I also so this guy, guessing he lights the way at night!

Mason/ Lickers/ Wedding and Pork Rinds

He's all shinney and new! Welcome Mason.

My 3rd great nephew.  Born early morn 7-12-19. Six months to the day that we lost mom.
Depending on what part of the country you live in  you may or may not have heard about the  ICE CREAM LICKERS!
Apparently it is a new fad where you are videoed by a friend  opening a thing of ice cream in the store, licking it and putting it back for someone to buy. GROSS!
Its all over social media. Well, was going past the post not wanting to share cause that is what they want... but I have started sending it  to the police department in the  area that person lives. I go to their page, check and make sure it is the same person  in the video, look to see where they live, via fb and sending it to the police in that area. 
BUT  I had to get in on the  ICE CREAM LICKING and posting it to my page.
My post read that I was doing  the ice cream thing but unlike the idiots that do it in the store, I went to Sonic and bought my ice cream!

Friday I worked a wedding

Chicken/ Cakes/ Bugs and The Bright Place

I actually thought about cooking today but decided against it! Didn't have enough lemons!

I saw this on fb the other day and if I was in  need of making a cake I would give one of these a try. But...I really don't need a cake laying around the house. 

Hanging out on the deck early in the morn the noise is loud.

But...thank goodness this is not the year that these dudes come out, you can't hear yourself think when its that time. However  every year we have the ones that come out on the off years. Not  near as loud as it could be.
Worked the Bright Place with  a wedding the other day so while hanging around I took some more  B&W pics.

Featured Friend - Pam AKA P2 - Photographer

Hello Blogger Friends. Today I have decided to feature a friend of mine on my blog today.  Pam AKA P2! (hang in there, going to be a long post).
Why P2? Well that is easy, her maiden name  was Mossack and mine was Montgomery, and  the way I figure it, MoN comes before MoS! You see P2 and I went to  school together back in  the day....way back in the  day! We go back to 2nd grade all the way into 1978 when we graduated.
Pam and I lost contact over those years after school when  you either continue your education (P2) or starting of a family (Me, P1). Through Facebook we were able to contect again, several years ago. 
Well, not only is P2 a friend from way back she is an amazing  photographer. So today I will be featuring  some of her pics. I went onto her page and  pulled some pics (after I requested) BUT BOY was it  HARD picking from her pics.
Here are some adorable pics that P2 took at the local Etowah Valley Humane Society.
(all images are the images of  Pam Doughty)

PURPLE Bike/ Fencing/ Book

Good morning bloggers~
Remember the bike I spray  painted PURPLE?

Here it is all done and sitting in the yard.

Wanted to go with wicker  baskets and spray paint them but then I saw these for one buck  each at the dollar store. Plastic, should hold up better then the wicker would. 

And that color really pops on the  PURPLE.
My yard is not big at all. Total 30 mins to cut but it takes me days to get my mind geared up to cut. Started at 8:15 and done before nine. It was already so hot that  my hair was dripping.
Later in the day the sun had moved over and the trees were covering the  backyard so I went out  and  cleaned off my fencing pieces. Bought them a few yrs ago, used for a bit then gave them to my friend T. She never got around to using them so she bounced them back