Losing Weight

I have not updated anything on my weight loss in a while. 
I am still bouncing between  62 to 65 lbs.  I am good with that for now but after the holiday's I will work on dropping some more. 

One advantage of losing weight is clothes to big.
But when it comes to losing weight, until you hit a certain place, you really don't want to buy anymore so you walk around for awhile in  those clothes that are too big!
One of the first things I noticed when  I dropped weight that I did not notice before was that I have collar bones! HAHA
I know this sounds silly but every time I reach up to scratch or rub my neck or something I notice those bones sticking  out and being noticeable!
With that the width between the shoulders got smaller too. 
One good thing about dropping that pouch around the middle... I can lean over and paint my toe nails! haha

Dreidel/Spinning Tops/Teetutum

Good morning all~
Today I am being a part of Michaels blog with posting some form of art at  Scribble Picnic.

Todays theme is  Dridel/ Spinning Tops/ Teetutum
Here is my addition to his blog today.
Spin on over to Micheal's blog and check out  all the post.

Todays theme is  Dridel/ Spinning Tops/ Teetutum

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That is how I feel the last  few days... Totally DISCOMBOBULATED. 
Fibro does that to me. The pain makes me flakey also. So  flakey that I  do stupid things. Like misplace my debit card!
Yesterday I canceled that and reordered another one.
Like a flakey space cadet!
But reading from this list I  would go with confusion, tender joints,  neck and shoulder pain, irritability,  muscle knots, spasms and  twitches, nerve pain, anxiety....etc...
see the one on the bottom where it says dry skin, eyes and mouth....
keep that in mind.

And yet with all that, it is still not the most horrible of days!
 But remember I said dry skin... eyes and mouth. Can't keep enough lotion  on this body to keep the skin from being dry.
But the worst was the dry eyes.
To explain, last night I put contacts in to go look at contacts.

Wooden Star/ Santa Pig and Horse/ Sky

Yesterday I posted about making a star for the front of the house with yard sticks from Lowes. Today I finished it up..

Here it is hanging.

And here it is hanging after dark.

Loving it.
This is Leonard. Santa Pig!

And this is Black Magic. Only male horse at the barn.... Misfire and the other two  ladies would not allow me to put the hat on their head.

After feeding the horses today and heading out the barn I looked up to see this.

Blessed with Christmas Mood

Hi everyone.... Hoping you are all having a great evening. The fur babes and I are just sitting here in the living room, lights off, Christmas movie on the Hallmark station. I love just looking at the  tree and enjoying the lights and  ornaments that I have collected over the years.
Wow....look, it looks like Santa has been here already!
All wrapped... except one for my friend Debbie... I had it in the kitchen for days,  picked it up last night and set it  somewhere, problem is, I am not sure where somewhere is! haha...
I will look tomorrow.

I still have to put Theresa's together. Will get to that tomorrow. Still have decorations to finish and  tomorrow I will also get my card printed ... then to address and put in the mail.
Speaking of Christmas cards let me show you  year 11 of my painted Christmas cards. Another fav of mine.

Yesterday I was picking things up  and moving things around.... and picked up two of my Lowe's yard sticks.