All Over the Place Sort of Post- Whats New!

My family~ I really have no clue what year this was taken but lets just say, forever ago!
Yep, I have two brothers and I am the middle child. 

My dad. Dad has been gone 31 years now. I was in  my late 20's when we lost him.  Happy Fathers Day, dad.

HAHA...this is my younger brother. My sis in law put this pic up last night wishing him a Happy Fathers Day. He is a mess. They are away in Fla. on vacation and I have been taking care of two  out of three of their cats.

This is Zora AKA Becky. (I don't know about the name so don't  ask..haha)
Anyway Mark and Kim have two inside cats, this being one. She had been sitting in my lap getting a head rub then moved to the edge of the couch to look out the window. She was right under a painting I had done for Kim. I thought this was so cute!
Another cat that they have is  Smokey. Smokey is a stray that wandered up and stayed.

Flare/Food/Fun in the Yard

  I thank each and everyone of you  for the comments on my health. Yesterday I felt some better, did not force and do anything though.  Today so far I am feeling ok.
A Fibro Flare as they are called can last from a day to whenever. When  I was working for the TBI it was a really stressful time and my flare lasted a whole years. When I say flare that means the  the pain is intense, even more wide spread, unpredictable as to where that pain decides to strike and for how long it will hold its ground in that area, or if it will be new pain in a different area everyday. Fatigue and totally living in a fog of not being about to think straight or concentrate.
I felt this one coming, I normally have signs if I pay attention long enough to see them. Like dropping everything I  pick up, and stumbling like a drunk person. On days that I am in a  fog I am like a total space cadet. I do  stupid things, I forget from one moment to  the next (worse than your normal person),  and you can sit and talk to me then ask them what …

All Over the Place

Well, it hit! The Fibro challenge that I have been trying to skirt around for weeks now. The last 3 days have been  a challenge to get anything done. Today, I slept most of the day. 
But....before that hit since I knew it was coming I tried to get  somethings done that I have  had in my thoughts for awhile.
First I wanted to revamp the washer and dryer. Normally the doors to  that area stayed close but thanks to  the ANTS that appeared and have failed to move on I had to move Lily's food from the bathroom counter to the dryer, leaving the doors  opened. I saw this on Pinterest sometime ago. So with black tape, white washer and dryer and  being a bored artist I created  this.

A week ago I started a project in  the house and actually got around to finishing it up the other day.
A sample shot. Yes, its done with paint.