QUEEN / Dress and Boots

A couple months back I purchased a T-shirt that said, " I am not bossy, I am the queen"! I normally don't wear shirts with writing on them but I could not resists.
Keeping up with my queen image, I saw this at the dollar store so I had to have it.

Isn't this the cutest towel. My friend T got me this when she was in Atlanta a week or so ago and I fed her cat.

HAHA....this next pic ended up in my funny little things album on FB. I wonder what cartoon dude they got to pose for this lamp pole!

Here I am today at work. I love my 16.99 dress from  Wally World. I picked this up a few months ago. 

I have never cared for short boots with dresses but today I decided to give it a try.

I pulled it off! haha...
Hoping you are having  a good week.

Fire / Laugh / Fire

Thinking that the neighborhood Captain D's  is a goner!

Heard there was a fire then I had to go by there on my way home. No one was hurt.

I saw this adorable site this morning on the  way to work.  Driver was just letting his bud hanging out!
HAHA....saw on FB of course.

Last nights sky on the way home from the barn.

It just kept getting prettier the closer I got to home.

Family Pics

A couple of weeks ago I drove to my daughters house then to the park in those parts to  photograph Amber and  the family.
The boys enjoyed the leaves. 
I made this shot to  look a tad old.  I am giving my daughter the original shot  and the old looking one. She can have prints made which ever ones she likes.
Left to right is my youngest grandson Braden, Behind him is DJ (middle) the red head is one of  my step grandsons, Chandler and the one of the end is Caleb. 

This is my daughter Amber and hubby Will.



DJ and Braden

The boys