Flowers/Bday/Cars and License Plates

Tad late of posting some pics, I  usually try to do them right away. ~Mothers Day~
My brother picked up some fresh flowers for mom.

Aren't they so pretty?

Also on Mothers Day we celebrated  my sis in law Kim's bday.

Got the sealer on the table, rewired it and placed this shade on the lamp. Thinking I might need to get an off white one. I think it will look brighter.

Last night I had dinner with  James and Julie.

They arrived in this.

51 years old.  I love corvettes.
I love reading license plates basically to see where they are from. DON'T LAUGH but I sometimes keep a running list in the car of different states I see. I date it as to when I start and I  see how long it takes me. Last time I did it a couple of <

Projects~ Stain Roadside Find/Ambers Tray

Found this on PINTEREST  when I went looking for ways to prevent flies from messing with  Misfire. Ordered Skin So Soft and just waiting for it to come in.

Hoping it helps. I hate flies all over the horses.
I just love a lot of the  50's style dresses. Course my waist is not that tiny.

Last spring I started on this  project. I found this cute table on  the side of the road.

This is what the finish looked like.

Once I started stripping it I realized that the wood under all that  YUCK was beautiful. 

But since I don't have a shop and it started getting really hot I  put this away.
Today however I decided that I  was doing something to finish it  up. So I brought it into the kitchen,

RIP/ Selfies

Wanted to share with you a photo I took at the wedding I photographed on May 4th.
This is the Star Wars couple. They came with swords which was  fun in some of the shots. 

I worked this pic up for them.
Been a sad week. We just seem to be losing  a lot of the good ones. Doris Day age 97

Tim Conway was 85.

I also went to visitation for this young man. I know his mom but his grandfather and I worked together in Printing and were really good friends.

Such a shame. Candace (mom) is a strong woman. She lost a son about 6 yrs ago in a car accident and she lost Chris to  murder.  He lived with his dad and apparently dad was drunk, they got in a fight  and dad stabbed him in the heart.  I can't grasp that.
RIP Doris, Tim and Chris.
Got all made up to go out to dinner and hear Bluegrass  music with Julie and James (Tn Tiny Weddings).

Dress/Cabbage/Welding/Hair and DOTS

I love it when I run across the  cutest things.

Speaking of wearing I still have some cute 50's style dresses.

I love this. 
Last week I cooked....haha okay let me try that again, I  cooked for me and not the dogs!
I had never had polish sausage and  fried cabbage. But I like both  so I decided to give it a try.

It was so GOOD! Since my sugery it is rare for me to have several items for a meal  like I did when kids were home. A one pot or one dish meal works for me. So this filled me up.
I am not sure if I shared with you folks that I like to weld. It is not something I have done a lot of but I like it.
This is not my design or  project (found on PINTEREST)  but I would love to make something like this for my  yard.