Girls Day Out - Part Four

Before I start and finish the wedding venue post today I wanted to share that nine years ago today thishappened~

And here he is now~
Happy Bday Braden. Nana loves you!
The bottom level...of the venue.When you first go down the stairs you come outinto a hall. Right there offthat hall is the theater room,with its very own snack bar.
Great seating.

When you step out of thereand go to the right you come up on the laundry room which I would totallylove. I have a laundrycloset.Sorry, failed to snap a pic.
From there to a bathroom and yet one more bedroom.
I did not catch the name of this room but the beds at the end of the beds pull outto make them larger. 
As you head back to the otherend of the hall you see thisshowcased. 

Reba stuff!!

At the end of the hall you find the wine room.

Girls Day Out - Part Three

Today I will be showing  you the  2nd  and 3rd floor of the  wedding venue.
When you come up there stairs. there is a large hall and  this portion which over looks the front entry way.

There is alway windows to look out into the front yard.

The first room we went in was called the Garth room. There were pics of Garth and of course the black hats.

Just outside this room is also the elevator in case you can't make the stairs.
Next to the Garth room  we entered the Johnny Cash  room.

There is a shared patio between these two rooms.

Girls Day Out - Part Two

Driving up the drive to Starstruck now known as Cherokee Estates, wedding venue (Reba McEntires old home).

We followed the drive around to parking. Passing several newer buildings. One being the stalls, another building with bathrooms and a sitting area. This is the womans restrooms.

Next came the reception hall. This is where my eyes went as I  walked into the  reception room.

There was breads, meats and  cheeses. 

Fruit water and fruit tea. Wow...the tea was amazing.

Next my eyes were drawn to  the garage doors on the  other side.