Baby, It's Cold Outside

Sorry folks....been hanging around and  just chilling the last few days. Fatigue got hold of me yesterday and I  laid around I thought of so much I need to do.  Christmas is around the corner and I  do have a couple of things that I need to get done but what I have to  do really depends on warmer  weather. And we are looking at 50 tomorrow...YAY.
 I love this pic. You know all the years of painting I have never done anything this bright, but I really like it and thinking that maybe I need to try my hand at it.

Would make an amazing Christmas card for  next yr....haha, but as of right now I  have thoughts on what I will do next yr. Yep, I am prepared that head of advance until I change my mind!!!
Talk about another beautiful bright painting. Colors really pop.

Few blogs back I posted a ladder  that I made for my daughter for throws. I have made her a couple more items also. She is going like her mom, rustic. I made these for her kitchen table.  
I cut the wood to three sizes, stained them. But weeks before I rust…

Lunch/Christmas Gifts

I saw this and loved it. Never been a Kardashian fan but I always loved Lucy!

And this woman had more class in her pinky then a Kardashian does. 

Wasnt he just the cutest?
Had lunch with my bestie Debbie and her church class today at the  Wildberry Cafe.  Such an adorable place.

Before heading to lunch Debbie and I did our Christmas.
She had this pewter thingy for me. Picked up at a yardsale this summer from 

Finally ~ 40th High School Reunion Pics

I got a Christmas card in the mail today and included in the package was a  disc of the pics that the hired photographer took the night of the reunion back in July.  Thanks to our class president Charles.
The lady to my left is Lisa. I have known her since elementry school. Lee Ann, on  the right I met in high school. in the middle.
PERFECT and right to the  point..

I really was not prepared to be scrolling through the pics and come across ones of  Laura and I. (We lost Laura in Oct)

Jerry and I. Also known Jerry since  elementry school. Matter of fact he lived on the street over from me.

Laura and her hubby, Ken left us the first of Oct. and Laura 20 days later.

HAHA....yet another person I have known since elementry scho