One Year Later - Dobson Chapel Area

 One year ago, March 3rd, Nashville was hit. By tornados. Driving down Central Pike I noticed a piece of tarp still  hanging in the trees. This one section is just five mins  from my home.  New built to replace homes that were taken out. This area is across from the neighborhood. Just a year ago an old school and a church stood here. The church was  150 years old. The church the day after. The same subdivision as above. Repairs came slow, so much of Nashville was covered and then COVID kicked in. With COVID factory's were shut down and products were not coming out for repairs. Nashville STRONG! We rebuild, we stand strong. Pam

State of Tennessee Capitol and TN Tower

  The Capitol of Tennessee is located in Nashville.  Not only is it a beautiful building it is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The cornerstone of the Capitol was laid on July 4th, 1845 and completed  in 1859.  Both the interior and exterior are built  with Tennessee limestone from a quarry  about a mile from the site.   The pic below is what our Capitol looked like during the  Civil War. The Capitol was the design of well known  architect William Strickland.   Strickland died five years before the building's  completion and was entombed in its northeast wall.  His son, F. W. Strickland, supervised completion of the structure. Strickland is not the only body entombed in the walls of the  Capitol. Samuel Dold Morgan  (1798–1880), chairman  of the State Building Commission overseeing the  construction of the Tennessee State Capitol, is entombed  in the southeast corner near the south entrance. Monuments on the Capitol grounds  include statues of two of the three  Tenness

Stepping Stones, and The Wedding of Marie and Terry

  Has anyone ever used one of these to make a patio? I am weighing the do it myself thing or just buy the stepping stones I need.... haha My mind is always thinking up things to do.  Pam