Hair Cutting / Hummers

This evening my youngest grandson Braden decided to take my oldest grandsons beard  clippers to his head.

Thank goodness that my daughter had some hair clippers so that she could clean this mess up..

 I had forgotten that about 2 weeks ago I took some pics of the birds visiting the Crepe Myrtle in front of the deck.  Mrs. Cardnial.

 But then I got stuck on the hummingbird.

Tomato Festival

Last Saturday I went to East Nashville to the 15th Annual Tomato Fest.  Have not been in a few yrs  and boy has it grown.
I love to go for the sights. 

The parade.

Lots of booths. 

Trying to Continue to Create

Another cute door for the house.. I love it.

Okay, so I think this (below) is adorble.

There was a post on FB the other day  about tie dying. I have never done it so I decided to give it a try. A white T from Wally World for three bucks...the dye cost almost  as much at 2.97 but hey...I wanted to try it.
(FRONT) I realized when I got home that I  did not have rubberbands so I used my hair ties. worked.
(back side)
Okay, so you know I LOVE it. I did not want a lot of color but I did go with my fave color. Wore it out Sat.  Pics to come from that event  I attended tomorrow.
Well I was trying to decide what to  do with the painting I did for my  Whimsical Way business cards, so I just took it to the deck.