Journey of Life

HAHA....apparently my post about being old and having wrinkles got the attention of several.  Debbi at   said this ~Lines? Wrinkles? You don't have any lines or wrinkles girlfriend, you look great! Hardest thing bout getting old to me I guess is having to slow down so much.....what I used to whiz through in two hours now takes me two days. ha ha LOL! I do still wear make up every day...just the way I am, I do it for me, it helps me "get going" and feel groomed and pretty and presentable, I try to look my best--it really affects my attitude. HOWEVER...make up could just involve the bare items too....I don't do all that foundation/contour/full eye make up etc every day. (if ever!) LOL. I basically like to highlight my eyes and I LOVE LIPSTICK....I've always loved lipstick. A pretty lipstick can brighten up your whole face. I buy ALOT OF LIPSTICK........just can't help myself, LOL!--little Fairy Granddaughter calls her Ma-…

Bdays and Names

You will be getting this amazing post...(haha) on Tuesday if I post correctly! That will depend on me and my state of mind....Before going any further into this post let me state here that I do not like this new set up on blogger. But then again, I am not a fan of the new changes on FB either. There is a button to change back to the old version on FB and it holds for 48 hours. I keep hitting that. I will be so lost when they take that away. Hence another change with my age....CHANGE. I used to love change, and I am so not a fan of it anymore. Learning new things boggles my mind. A lot of that can be age but a lot can be the FIBRO. On yesterdays blog I told you that Braden, my youngest grand turned 10. Here is the line up~ Braden's bday is in Sept.Caleb's bday is in Oct.Dustin Jr's  (DJ) is in Nov. But then their mom, Amber, my oldest brat  child has her bday in Dec. But lets not stop it there~Amber is the  Braden is the BCaleb is the  C  Dustin is the  D haha... Of course th…

No SLEEP, Commissioned Piece, Gift and Photo Project

Hey all... My fave time of year is around the corner....
Monday evening while writing this. The med madness sort continues. I took my stay awake meds on Sunday morning, it was nice after a couple of weeks to be able to not have to fight the needing to nap feeling. It actually is more then a needing to nap feeling, it is a feeling of being so tired that all of a sudden you can't move, can't keep your eyes open and all you have to do is lay down. Anyway, Sunday was great. I worked on a piece that had been commissioned by a friend, more on that later. Anyway, Sunday night rolled around, bed time rolled around and guess what? I could not sleep. Took a couple of Melatonin, laid down, still no sleep. After awhile, I got up and took a couple of Tylenol, still no sleep. Crashed finally at 9 am this morning, Monday. Slept all day. Did not take another stay awake pill today for fear of not being able to sleep tonight and having to be in at work on Tuesday. Awake for the first real time t…

Cooking VS Baking, Wrinkles, Changes as You Age

 Sunday morning~ it was 53 when I got up at 7, so cool that I put on a jacket. Well, last night sitting around the firepit over at Theresa's visiting I had on jeans (first since warm weather) and a jacket! LOVE it....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE......just wished falll lasted as long as winter and summer.  Debbi, who I hope is sitting on her front porch enjoying some fall like temps over at made a statement on my blog about fudge and her love for it. She stated that she has a recipe that she makes only at Christmas cause it requires cooking and a lot of prep....well Ms. Debbi, years ago I elected to make my life simple. I cut out cooking (haha), actually I did start doing things different to make things easier on me. Cooking was one thing I did change. When my kids were young I cooked breakfast for them before leaving for work, I cooked dinner and once a week we would eat out or I would bring something in. Also, once a week we would have soup and sandwiche…


Upcoming pics are fromPINTEREST.This is so cool. If you are going for that farmhouse look this would be so cool. 
I actually like the placement of the above one better then the one below. Also I prefer the coloring of the above and not the bottom. These could be stained also. 

Here is one as a coffee table.

Have you seen these new dish drainers? I love them.

They also make them where they will fit up and above the sink, my issue with that would be the dripping water while you are still washing dishes. But these would be great for limited counter space.
Search PINTEREST, for nothing special I stumble across this below.
If you are a horse person or live on a farm or even just have a ranch type home this would be so cool for a house number. 
So are you like me and you make list of things you need to do or want to do in each room? Or a list of things you just want to do for any reason. I have a list of things I want to build, want to craft or paint. The list grows all the times and I really need…

Stay Awake Meds

For all that have followed me for a bit you do know by now that if crap is going to happen, it will happen to me....CORRECT? haha...Beautiful last two days here in TN (Friday and Saturday),  however I have not been out to enjoy any of it till this evening. Why? Well, cause I slept both days away. Why? Well, cause I was sleepy!!! 
Okay, going back to "if it can happen, it will happen to me"....... Two weeks ago I called my script in for my "STAY AWAKE" drugs to Kroger. Three days later I still did not get my text to let me know it was filled. I called of course only to find out that being this script was a year old, it had to be reapproved by the insurance company and the doc needed to make that happen. Kroger had contacted the doc's office and it was a waiting game after that.  Two weeks into it, and after getting a letter from the insurance company that it had been approved again I called Kroger and of course they had to look it up to tell me, yes they rec'd…

Glasses, 2020, Fudge and This and That

Will you just look at this most adorable little girl! Due to the stroke and seizures that she had at birth she has a slight issue with her eye. She was with her mom the other day getting fitted for glasses.  Oh my she is not looking at all happy about it. 
Just to add to the humor of  2020!
Now I made some Butterscotch fudge in the  micro last week, the other day I made some chocolate fudge. I like the butterscotch better. However, I am going to try this fudge. 

THE BEST FUDGE EVER IS... 1 REGULAR jar peanut butter 1 container vanilla or chocolate frosting. THATS IT!
microwave the jar of PB for 1 minute & 30 seconds. Pour in a bowl. Put frosting in microwave for 1 minute and pour that with PB. Mix it up. Pour in a lined brownie pan an put in fridge to set. Cut it!! THAT'S IT!! 😍

Sounds great...thinking I will use cream cheese icing though. 
Yesterday I shot my first wedding of 2020. A man and woman I went to school with. They got married at TN. Tiny We…