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Weather From Harvey

This morning as I headed out to mom's to clean her guest room for her I noticed the  windshield on my car was covered with leaves from the rain last night.  Fall is not far off. Now the fur babies and I  are just hanging out watching the news. Tennessee is getting Harvey weather moving up  from Tx.  Four tornado warnings in the last hour in Tennessee.  None in the Nashville area near me, just started raining.  But I appears like it will be  a bumpy evening into the  wee hours of the morning. Storms, tornado warnings and  flooding. I have mine and the  babies safe place ready in  the pantry.   Now I would love to you  to one of the newest weather women on Channel Five  news in Nashville, Heather Mathis. (in the pink). This is her first day. And why would I introduce you to her?  I met Heather in 2011 when I photographed her sister's wedding.  Not only that, I met her mom  for the fi

Purple Shed, Painting Drop, Lily Napping

WOW.....a purple shed. I love purple but not sure I  would go with this in my backyard! Unless....the trim on the house could match it! HAHA I asked on fb about where I could take yoga classes around the house.  With that a friend delivered this to my house. She was at Goodwill and saw this and she was hoping it would help me with my Fibro.  That was so sweet. I painted this years, years....years ago before I learned a bit more then I knew at this time. But with that said, I dropped this in my area for Free Art Movement Nashville today.  This little girl found her right where I left her, at the drop box at the library.  Her mom said on FB, "   She said Mom, her hair is like  mine  :)  can I put her in MY room?!!! and then she said, can  I make something and hide it,I said hmm, I feel a home school  art project in the making  :) Free art jr anybody :)))? I am so happy she found it and likes it.

Commissioned Pieces

Once upon a time I was on another website called  ClubMom.  It closed about 5 yrs ago but  on that site you posted a pic  on the given day of the month. Looking at others pics and comment on their children, grandkids, and just general all round pics I MET a lot of other women that I had daily  interaction with. I watched their family grow, I traveled on vacation with  them (via the site), and when that site closed I told them to look me up on FB. I have a lot of ClubMom mom's on my FB friends list. I really connected with a friend that lives in the very tip of Ohio. She had a son about 8 at the time  that is now in his second year of  college. I have yet to travel to visit Nancy but she has been to Nashville to stay with me a couple of times. I also have a friend in San Diego that I met on that site but on my trips there to visit my son, who keeps me so busy when there, I have yet to connect with  her. Then there is the

Out and About - Hobby Lobby and Lowes

Lily Bit loves the deck.. and watching the birds in  the trees.  While cleaning through somethings the other day and putting things up where they go I ran across some 11x17 photos. My daughter, 6 months old. One of my all time favs. She will be 37 in Dec. YIKES! If that don't make me feel old this does. A photo of me taken in the  late 70's.  I think I was 17. Wow...I kept those brows thin! haha Had to get out and about yesterday picking up something's I needed. Went to TWO of my fav stores. Hobby Lobby being one. Not sure what I would need these for but they are too cute. This is a smaller version. Was checking out some charms for some projects I need to finish. Ran across these when I was looking. I always venture back to the paint. These have been up since June. When my oldest grandson was young I started a collection  of these since he liked them so