Thursday, August 31, 2017

Weather From Harvey

This morning as I headed
out to mom's to clean her
guest room for her I noticed the 
windshield on my car was covered
with leaves from the rain last night. 

Fall is not far off.

Now the fur babies and I 
are just hanging out watching
the news. Tennessee is getting
Harvey weather moving up 
from Tx. 

Four tornado warnings in the last
hour in Tennessee.  None in the Nashville area
near me, just started raining. 
But I appears like it will be 
a bumpy evening into the 
wee hours of the morning.

Storms, tornado warnings and 
flooding. I have mine and the 
babies safe place ready in 
the pantry.  

Now I would love to you 
to one of the newest weather
women on Channel Five 
news in Nashville,
Heather Mathis.
(in the pink).
This is her first day.

And why would I introduce you to
 I met Heather in 2011
when I photographed her
sister's wedding. 

Not only that, I met her mom 
for the first time in the 
2nd grade. We went to school
together and graduated together in

Although we did not have contact
for years and I did not see her girls
grow it is really cool to see
her daughter on the news 
like this. 

I so dislike nights like this.
Like I said, the pantry is
ready, and if the storms pick
up the babies and I will be sleeping
on the couch downstairs.

This is a pic from us chilling
last night.

My issue will be keeping an eye
on my creek. Flash flooding is
supposed to take place in
the morning hours.

My house sits on a 
brick foundation which saved
my home in the 2010

This is off my deck in May 2010,
that is the creek that has come up
out of the banks at my shed.

My driveway and the side walk 
up to the house.
The water actually made it
to the first step (there are
five) to my porch. 

The driveway again.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Purple Shed, Painting Drop, Lily Napping

WOW.....a purple shed.
I love purple but not sure I 
would go with this in my backyard!
Unless....the trim on the house
could match it!

I asked on fb about where I could take yoga
classes around the house.  With that a friend
delivered this to my house. She was at Goodwill
and saw this and she was hoping it would help me
with my Fibro. 

That was so sweet.

I painted this years, years....years ago before I
learned a bit more then I knew at this time.

But with that said, I dropped this in my area
for Free Art Movement Nashville today. 

This little girl found her right where
I left her, at the drop box at the library. 

Her mom said on FB, " She said Mom, her hair is like 
mine  can I put her in MY room?!!! and then she said, can
 I make something and hide it,I said hmm, I feel a home school
 art project in the making Free art jr anybody :)))?

I am so happy she found it and likes

I went in Goodwill today hoping they
had put out jackets by now. 
I lost my blue jean one a couple
yrs ago and I am looking for another
one. But while in there I saw this.

No clue.....haha

My fur babies love it when I curl up on 
the couch.....Lily Bit just stretched right out
there and Dakota was near my head sitting
on the floor so I could stretch him behind
the ears. 

A bit later I looked and Lily was laying like this...
how can they sleep with there heads up?

I have to tell this story I told on facebook
the other day.......Dakota, Lily and I were
on the deck when Dakota needed to go out.
I let him out and started moving things
around on the deck when Lily started
meowing. She was at the screen door, 
crying, Dakota had gotten out of her site
and she could not stand it. She was just
crying like a baby! 

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Commissioned Pieces

Once upon a time I was on another
website called 
It closed about 5 yrs ago but 
on that site you posted a pic 
on the given day of the month.
Looking at others pics and comment
on their children, grandkids, and just
general all round pics I MET a lot
of other women that I had daily 
interaction with. I watched their family
grow, I traveled on vacation with 
them (via the site), and when that
site closed I told them to look me
up on FB. I have a lot of ClubMom
mom's on my FB friends list.

I really connected with a friend
that lives in the very tip of Ohio.
She had a son about 8 at the time 
that is now in his second year of 
college. I have yet to travel to visit
Nancy but she has been to Nashville
to stay with me a couple of times.

I also have a friend in San Diego that
I met on that site but on my trips there
to visit my son, who keeps me so busy
when there, I have yet to connect with 

Then there is the young woman, my
daughters age that I connected with.
She action only lived 2 hours away
from me. On a trip to Nashville just
a few months ago we met. She recent
married and moved to Alabama. I will 
be meeting up with her in Oct. on 
another trip to town. Her name is

Melissa ordered something for me
to make for her some time ago.
I was able to meet with her to get
that to her on that meeting a few 
months ago.

Add caption

She wanted this for her laundry room. 
I quoted her a price but ended up giving
it to her for a wedding gift.

Overlook the knife and the tuna
packs, they were keeping the clothes
pins at a certain level till the glue tried.

She recently told me she needed a 
front door decoration for her new home.
I showed her this that I had made for my

She loved it. So I made her one
for her front door. This is why we will
meet in Oct. for her to pick this up.

Just the other day she added to 
her order. 

She saw this on FB and 
wanted two of them.

I was not sure if she really wanted
two a like so I sent her the one below
to see if maybe she might want one like
this and one like the Halloween one. 

She really liked this one and thought maybe
she could leave this one out
all year. 

I have a glass bowl, so I need to pick
up another one at the dollar store.
I had two clay pots and I already
picked up the saucers. Pretty sure
I have the wooden balls for the top 
so I will start on these later this week. 

Plus a couple of years ago I 
painted her daughter a Minion 
ornament that Melissa ordered.

I love these fast cute
little projects.

I will also be making this
plaque for my son.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Out and About - Hobby Lobby and Lowes

Lily Bit loves the deck..
and watching the birds in 
the trees. 

While cleaning through somethings
the other day and putting
things up where they go I
ran across some
11x17 photos.

My daughter, 6 months old.
One of my all time favs.
She will be 37 in Dec.

If that don't make me feel old
this does.
A photo of me taken in the 
late 70's. 
I think I was 17.

Wow...I kept those brows
thin! haha

Had to get out and about yesterday
picking up something's I needed.

Went to TWO of my fav stores.
Hobby Lobby being one.

Not sure what I would need these
for but they are too cute.

This is a smaller version.

Was checking out some charms
for some projects I need
to finish.
Ran across these when I
was looking.

I always venture back to the paint.

These have been up since June.

When my oldest grandson was
young I started a collection 
of these since he liked them
so much. 
Wow....but look at all

Love this...
Cost 36.00 but a few yrs
ago I picked one up for 2.99
at Goodwill....
all metal just like this one.
I made a birdhouse out of 
mine and gave it to my brother.

Next stop...
the other fav...

Fall colors.

So pretty...esp after the rain.

Used to have one of these but
something happened to it and
I lost it.
Butterfly Bush.

When I went into the store from
the garden shop I was
greeted by Lowe's 

He is a little BONEY 
don't you think?

This must be his family.

Nice family....they invite you in 
to rest.

There's even a phone if
you need to call home.

Place is all set for 
fall and Halloween!

Found this on FB...
heading over to friends house
this weekend, he said he has logs
that I might could use

I am always looking for a 
project even though I know
 I have enough to do...
to finish and others to

Oh well.... true!

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