Weather From Harvey

This morning as I headed
out to mom's to clean her
guest room for her I noticed the 
windshield on my car was covered
with leaves from the rain last night. 

Fall is not far off.

Now the fur babies and I 
are just hanging out watching
the news. Tennessee is getting
Harvey weather moving up 
from Tx. 

Four tornado warnings in the last
hour in Tennessee.  None in the Nashville area
near me, just started raining. 
But I appears like it will be 
a bumpy evening into the 
wee hours of the morning.

Storms, tornado warnings and 
flooding. I have mine and the 
babies safe place ready in 
the pantry.  

Now I would love to you 
to one of the newest weather
women on Channel Five 
news in Nashville,
Heather Mathis.
(in the pink).
This is her first day.

And why would I introduce you to
 I met Heather in 2011
when I photographed her
sister's wedding. 

Not only that, I met her mom 
for the first time in the 
2nd grade. We went to school
together and graduated together in

Although we did not have contact
for years and I did not see her girls
grow it is really cool to see
her daughter on the news 
like this. 

I so dislike nights like this.
Like I said, the pantry is
ready, and if the storms pick
up the babies and I will be sleeping
on the couch downstairs.

This is a pic from us chilling
last night.

My issue will be keeping an eye
on my creek. Flash flooding is
supposed to take place in
the morning hours.

My house sits on a 
brick foundation which saved
my home in the 2010

This is off my deck in May 2010,
that is the creek that has come up
out of the banks at my shed.

My driveway and the side walk 
up to the house.
The water actually made it
to the first step (there are
five) to my porch. 

The driveway again.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Billie Jo said…
I hope you stay safe and sound.
I will be praying the weather stays away!!!!
Sharon Qualls said…
It's really coming down now! Glad I live on a hill!
I hope all is well, Pam. The weather is so concerning. Stay safe. ♥
Betsy said…
You look like you are ready and staying on top of things there. I am praying for that bad weather stays away and that all is well there.
Jeanie said…
I hope you are spared the terrible weather disasters -- it sounds like you are prepared but nervous and I would be too.

Hang in there. (And yes, I saw my first red trees this week... too early.)

Thanks for coming by the Gypsy and joining me in Quebec!
Liz A. said…
Be safe. Stay dry.
I hope you and the fur-babies stay safe and sound. Will be sending some prayers your way. xx
Rhodesia said…
Oops things do not look good over there at all. Stay safe and keep dry. Our leaves are also starting to fall! Happy and dry weekend, Diane
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! I'm envious that you live on a creek but that flooding is a little close for comfort. I hope you're having a good day!
Sandra said…
it looks like by now it has passed off from you, hope so. and that you are safe and sound. Harvey is not done yet and I am calling it the Horrors of Harvey.
Glad that you are doing okay. Interesting story about Heather.
Ann said…
Hope it passes quietly and all are safe
Red Rose Alley said…
wow, you're getting rain already. I hope the area around you stays safe, my friend. I feel so bad for what's happening to all the people in Texas.


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