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Beautiful Day, Dogwood, Beauty, Mailboxes, Barns, and Building

A beautiful way  to end the day, a beautiful  wedding. However, today is Tuesday  and storms are moving  in. Boys school closing  early, I will pick them  up and bring them here.  When Amber hears that  the worst is coming and  a time, she will head this  way. It is storm season  everywhere, be safe.  I looked out my kitchen window the other day and saw a Dogwood tree, right at the  front of my woods, just starting to bust out in bloom. On Sunday I grabbed the camera and started out to shoot the blooms when I see this one near my shed. I have a total of three in  my yard and my  neighbor has one right  inside her fence, right at my property also. I have never had a  Dogwood before, I love this. Look at this beauty! She acts like she knows she is a beauty.  I had to include this pic,  I saw this on the way home from  the wedding. A cattle farm, all dressed for Easter.   So cute. Saw a couple of different  mailboxes on the way home also. Had to pull over and  snap a pic. And THIS...I lov

Wedding Pics

Saturday, I photographed a couple of friend's wedding.  Thomas and Lisa. Borrowed this pic  from Lisa's page. Thomas and Lisa have dated for over 15 years. Thomas and Lisa's  brother were very good friends. Lisa lost her brother several years ago. Lisa is a few years younger than Thomas meaning that she was a couple years behind us in school. Yes, US,  for Thomas and Lisa's brother were my age, we were in school together.  We were all DuPonters! But finally, they tied the  knot, took the plunge,  commented to each other... and so on and so on! Someone snapped this  pic of the photographer (me)  and Brian (graduated with  my brother, 2 yrs after me) and Rebecca (my friend and  realtor). Brian is also a grad  of DuPont.  Rebecca caught me doing what I do. I saw this guy come in at  the wedding, and I knew I knew him. I just had to go back in  the archives of my brain and  remember.... Terry Crawford, also a DuPont Bulldog, two years ahead of me. He ran with my older broth

Baby Shower, MIsty, and Where Do You Rank

Last post I mentioned that since I have moved and I been asked  to keep going back for photo shoots. Last weekend, a baby shower. Yesterday, a wedding, and April 20, a wedding.  Bout the way it goes. Not going to share the actual baby shower with you but the table decor I will  share. My sis in law, and her sister did a great job with that. Course you will be  able to notice that  the baby will be a boy. Glass cylinders with  plastic balls of all kinds. Baby boots. These were bags for the guest. Cute sign in book. Buttons for the great aunts, great grandma,  grandmas and etc. cute is that. This was a game, guess the amount of kisses in the bottle. I said, 150 and  there was 165. Another lady and  I guessed the same  so we split the kisses! These boxes are actually four boxes of diapers. The decor was really nice.  Misty curled up  on top of me the other day and enjoyed  some chin rubs! She actually fell asleep, when she woke she realized she dozed off, so  she jumped up a

Barns, FORGOTTEN, Painted Fun, and Lamp Shade

Heading to my old  stomping grounds, to shoot a wedding today! Funny,  since moving here I have  had three request to shoot something in that area....the way things go! Every time I took Hwy 100 to and from Amber's for a visit, then moving up here, I have seen this barn. I love this barn.  So, I stopped and took a pic the other day. There is also this smaller place on the  property with the barn. A little week ago I did  a ride around the area after taken B to school. Here are a few more barns  and a couple of FORGOTTEN in Hickman Co.   FOGOTTEN Entering the town  next to me the Art Group painting this empty building.   I have this lamp in  bedroom but not a fan of the shade.  But I found this thrift/ antique store and I found shade for 3 bucks. I like it better. Hoping you are having  a great day, Pam