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Wildlife and More

I love to ride out to my brothers house and visit... you never know what you will see. Last post I had pics of the wild turkeys, today its another type of wildlife.
A couple of weeks ago I was out doing a senior class photo shoot for a young lady and when I was leaving on the road my brother lives on I saw these guys just standing in a yard.

When I went by I thought they were fake then I remembered that there were no FAKE deer along that road. I pulled over and got these first two pics.
Then last weekend I was out there doing another shoot when leaving and riding down my brothers driveway this guy ran right out in front of me.

Now isn't she pretty. She stopped right at the tree line and just stood there for my to take my shots.

And while doing part of my photo shoot down by the barn I decided to snap a couple of good shots of my niece's horses.
I was on the other side of the barn looking in and Misfire was on this end, standing there watching me. I thought it made a great shot with the sunlig…

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Almost that time of year..... Gobble Gobble Gobble

and these guys are wild....

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble..... found these at my brothers house the other day.

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Great Nephew, Cole

This happy little guy was born 7 months ago, he came into the world early and only weighing in at 4 lbs and 6 could not tell it today!
He is a happy baby and has such a beautiful smile. His Aunt Kim, my sister in law was playing peek a boo with him and had him really laughing.

Loving that big beautiful smile.

Hey Aunt Pam, what you doing back there?

I love this shot of him. He was on the couch and he looked over at me, I caught this shot just in time.

He has no issues wearing a hat either. My youngest grandson Braden, will take one off as soon as I put it on him.

You probably can't tell it from this pic comparing it with the ones I took but this pic of him sleeping really had me taking a double look....I thought it was Chase, Cole's dad when he was a baby. He looks just like his dad.
This pic was not taken by me (I borrowed it from Cole's mom's facebook page!

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Caleb's Birthday Cake - 11 Years Old

My oldest grandson, Caleb will be 11 years old this Sunday but tomorrow eveing he is having his birthday party.
I have made his b-day cake every year except for one. This year being no different.
Check out this years cake.....

Caleb loves to play Nana in checkers.....and he always seems to beat me so that is why the cake is a checker cake. Notice the score... Caleb 11 and Nana 0! He will get a kick out of that.
Happy Birthday Sweetie,
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Fall Sunrises

Have you ever noticed that in the fall the sunsets and sunrises are so much more colorful, more beautiful then any other time?
I have and since fall is my fav time of the year it makes it that much more beautiful!
Check these out...

These two were taken the same morning on my way to work with my point and shoot camera.

These other two were also taken the same morning, just a different morning then the first two pictures.

Check out the colors in that sky!
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Pigs Can Fly - So Can Elephants

I know they fly! Look I saw them and I knew that no one would believe what I saw so of course I snapped a pic of it.
Do you see him?

But wait, check this out....its an elephant!
Do you see him?
I love watching the clouds and seeing what I can make out of them.....
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My Little Helper

Since I have been having some back issues it has been nice to have the help of my sweet grandson, Caleb. One day he is out with the blower doing this...... And another day he is sweaping the kitchen, hall, bathroom and entry way for his Nana.

Thank you sweet for all your help. I love you.

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Julie and Gifford - Wedding

Beautiful bride in a fantastic dress.
Married on the lake which was beautiful.
We were finishing up pics as the sun was setting.
My fav shot. Bride and flower girl.
The seating area.
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Sara ~ Senior Class Pic Shoot

This is Sara and I did her senior photo class pics yesterday.

Such a beautiful young lady, inside and out. A natural in front of the camera. It was a pleasure to photograph her.
Take a look and see what you think.

This one with Misfire is one of my favs. Sara was not sure of the horses and just about the time we were posed and ready to go, a fly got Misfires attention, she moved and Sara jumped. I got this at that time and I love it.

Now this one is also another one of my favs...and its been hard to pick a favorite.
This is Lucky, Sara's dog.

Okay, so I guess I have some favs...this is one also.

The color shot of this one was really nice... but making it sepia and putting the fading around it just helped to make this so nice....

Fall Wreath

Wanted a fast wreath for my front door, and while surfing through blogs I saw several made just using yarn.
So, off to Hobby Lobby I went and I got this....$2.99

Then back home I went and I dug through my yarn. Loving these 3 colors together.

Here is me wrapping the yarn.

And this is my finished project. The yarn I had and I got the leaves and flowers out of my mom's box of silks.

Total out of pocket...$2.99
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