Sara ~ Senior Class Pic Shoot

This is Sara and I did her senior photo
class pics yesterday.

Such a beautiful young lady, inside and out.
A natural in front of the camera. It was
a pleasure to photograph her.

Take a look and see what
you think.

This one with Misfire is one of my favs. Sara
was not sure of the horses and just about the time
we were posed and ready to go, a fly got Misfires
attention, she moved and Sara jumped. I got
this at that time and I love it.

Now this one is also another one of my favs...and
its been hard to pick a favorite.

This is Lucky, Sara's dog.

Okay, so I guess I have some favs...this is
one also.

The color shot of this one was really nice...
but making it sepia and putting the fading around
it just helped to make this so nice....

Thanks for stopping in and please leave
a comment to let me know what you
thought of the pics.


Anonymous said…
You absolutely, totally ROCKED this shoot! She has to be thrilled! You nailed it in every way. Stunning posing, beautiful backgrounds, great composition and focus... and most important, it looks like you REALLY captured her personality. Well done, P1!

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