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This and That Post - Projects and Road Finds

Good Morning all Bloggers! Here it is the end of November  and Nashville is dealing  with some warmer weather. The past week its been cool (32-35) in the morning and warms up around 10 to about 50 degrees so that I can open the door to the deck and Lily can go out. This morning at 7:30 it was already 51! And we have rain.  Welcome to the world of Global  Warming.  Years ago when I was in paint class I painted my first Christmas card.  What I mean by that is I painted a  scene and I had it printed for  my card. This is my first  Christmas card.  I am now working (and I am behind) on this years card.  For the next few (14) days I will post the cards over the years. By the time I am done, I should have this years painted. I will not post it though until it goes out in the mail and has been received.  I was very proud of my first card. I sold the painting years ago but the above is a pic of the printed card. S

Generous Drawing for Scribble Picnic

Morning... Today I am playing along with  Michael's Blog in Scribble Picnic. Jump over and check the art of others out.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure and take a look at the post earlier today. 

More Pam's Creations

My mom gave me this pendant that  she used to wear to work. She picked it up  at a yard sale years, years, and years ago! Apparently it used to have a coin  in the center. You can't tell from the  pic but around the inside of the  turquoise beads is  Amethyst stones. My birth stone.  But like I said before, I like my earrings and necklaces to match. So off to Hobby Lobby I went and this is what I pulled together  to match. Close enough. pic of the chair before but it was just wooden, not pretty at all. So I painted it black and started free handing a design on it. Racks I made years ago before  saws and woodworking fun.... Think Christmas! Candlesticks made from the legs of an antique table. Another sign.   Made these from leftover wood from other projects. This hangs on my shed.  Picked up this sign at Hobby Lobby with no  writing on it. Just the chevron pa

Plain Black Shirt

My mom gave me a couple of sweatshirt type of shirts that  was too tight for her. A black and gray one. I love BLACK. I tend to go straight to all black clothes in the store. If my clothes have is usually mixed with black also! The bad thing about solid black is it really collects dog and cat hairs! haha Here is the black one mom gave me. Sorry about the blurred pic. Hard to believe that I am a photographer! Anyway, seating here last night when I could not sleep I decided that  black shirt needed something to make it stand out better. Buttons.... yes buttons would work just nicely. So I put some up around the collar. And on the sleeves. Now....don't that look better? And here is a pic of the sleeve. When my daughter was like in the  2nd grade I made her a shirt with  buttons on it. One was big colorful playful buttons, I sewed them on to look like a bunch of balloons. Then