Plain Black Shirt

My mom gave me a couple of
sweatshirt type of shirts that 
was too tight for her.
A black and gray one.

I love BLACK. I tend to go straight
to all black clothes in the store.
If my clothes have is usually
mixed with black also!
The bad thing about solid black
is it really collects dog and cat
hairs! haha

Here is the black one mom gave

Sorry about the blurred pic.
Hard to believe that I am a photographer!

Anyway, seating here last night when
I could not sleep I decided that 
black shirt needed something
to make it stand out better.

yes buttons would work just nicely.

So I put some up around the collar.

And on the sleeves.

Now....don't that look better?

And here is a pic of the sleeve.

When my daughter was like in the 
2nd grade I made her a shirt with 
buttons on it.
One was big colorful playful
buttons, I sewed them on to look
like a bunch of balloons.
Then another one was just
buttons randomly all over the front.
I ended up being commissioned
by a teacher to make a couple
for her kids!
Been years since I used buttons in 
this way....but who
knows, I might start a fad!

Now if the weather would just get
a tad colder, I would wear it.
We have been having cold mornings
but up in the 50's and 60's 
by around 10.
Lily loves that cause once the 
temp makes it to 50
she gets to go out on the deck!

Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
The buttons make a big difference! I remember my grandma making me a white dress stitched in orange thread with bright orange buttons when I was a little girl. Our temps have been very mild too.
MadSnapper said…
I love it I love the idea and it is something I can do, but will I? no sweat shirt but I have a black t shirt . black is my color and so is combo black with anything.
Debbie said…
it looks great and it was an awesome idea. i love buttons and the stores now-a-days sell some pretty special ones!!!

i don't have pets but am often covered in alpaca hair as i knit with it!!!
I also love black clothes and mine are covered in hairs, lol. I just refuse to notice them anymore and if anyone doesn't like it well, sorry...
The buttons really change the top don't they?
Pinterest has some wonderful things made with buttons but I mustn't look or I'll never get anything done, lol
Liz A. said…
That is a great way to use buttons. You could probably add in some beads as well.
Sally said…
I love that, Pam! It looks great, and an excellent idea! :)

Darla M Sands said…
For some weird reason I had disliked buttons as a child. They bothered me for some reason. Strange, no? Your creativity never ceases to fascinate me.

Oh, Jezebel got her pumpkin again today. I may try mixing a little in with Tilly's wet food tomorrow. ~grin~ Be well!
NanaDiana said…
I love it! I wear a LOT of black, too. lol
I made my daughter a dress with a bib top and I put buttons on it like they were balloons and then did some embroidery stitches to add strings like they were all tied together. I had forgot about that until I saw this post.
Have a great day- xo Diana
Ann said…
I like the way that looks. I think that fad could catch on quickly
I love how you dressed up that plain black shirt with buttons! It really takes it over the top! I do hate though that black clothes do show hair and lint so badly. That is why I am always happy to find something black that lint or hair does not stick to! Perhaps you will start a fad with your button add-ons! So fun :)
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh Yes, it looks a lot better with the buttons, how clever. I love to wear black too, but it's nice to have a bit of accessory on the shirt like you did here.


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