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Blown Lights, Sunset, Lunch, New Years Eve Day Meal and Laundry

  Sitting here Friday afternoon when I looked up and  realized that the top of my tree went out. Guessing that was  life's way of telling me that it was time to pack up. When I put the tree up, the  bottom of the lights  were out, so I just wrapped extra around the bottom. Next time, I will cut the pre-lite strands off and just wrap the whole tree. And here it is~ the last daylight  of 2022 fading out as the sun sets.  Tomorrow's sunrise will be the dawning of a new  year, and hopefully it  will be the best for us all. Lunch for Saturday was two pieces of toast, guacamole (did not have just an avocado) and  scrambled eggs. Merriest New Year to  you all. Keeping  this in mind.  Thinking that it is  a good thing that  I worked on my laundry Saturday!  Once again,  hoping everyone has a great and merry start to the New Year, and even better year than we have had in the past few yrs. Pam

Not a Fan, Braden at the House, and Ms. Sassy

  In my fur babes blog it was mentioned that my daughter, Amber is not the biggest fan of cats.  Brian over at  Brian's Home – Adopt cats, we deserve it!!! ( asked how I had a  family member that  was not a fan of cats. Like her mom, she has a lot of allergies. You really can't live in TN without them. But added to the seasonal allergies Amber is allergic to cats.  I was allergic to them but I took allergy shots for ten years. Although, I have not taken any since 06, I still don't have an issue. THANK GOODNESS! With Amber, she worked at  a vets for 10 yrs. Took an   allergy pill daily. But unlike most of the family that have gone to cats, she remains a dog family. Braden AKA B stayed the night with nana on Thursday night. School is still on winter break and Amber, DJ and Big Brayden (Everleigh's dad) went to the Titans football game,   Braden did not want to go so, he came and stayed with me. They did not get to their car afterwards till 11 and B want

Having the Eye and Some Rules I Use

 Sometimes when I am  not looking or thinking about my next post I read something on someone else's post. Ann over at  Ann's Snap Edit Scrap ( gave me this idea from her post of her showing her granddaughter a few pointers with the camera. Thanks Ann. Years ago (YEARS) my grandson Caleb and his mom came to live with me. Caleb was like a week from turning one. This was to be temporary. Longest temporary of  six years I ever been through! lol Anyway, Caleb and I had a lot of nana and grandson time together.  He was my shadow. I taught him how to clean a john (lol), strip wallpaper, use a hammer and screwdriver, make his bed, cook etc. As he got older, moved out  with his mom, he would go out with me when I took the  camera and ran away. I would let him use my big camera but when I  got my 2nd back up camera I allowed him to use one while I used the other. He was about nine when I started letting him use the cameras and  I was impressed. We stopped o

Boho Stylish Decor

Tuesday, the extra snow melted on the  roads....I went  to the store  Wed.  It wore me out and  all I did was walk around the store looking. But I got out.   Oh yes, I am going to be that person!! lol.... sorry, had to! However, I love the room above! I follow this page on FB called Boho Stylish. I love their decor. What do I love about the above room... the off white! But, that is something I  can not have. The tree is cool. I love exposed brick. Just so comfy looking. In this pic, I love the windows. The off white again.  The layers on the  couch. Again, the softness and  warmth, the comfy look. The off white mixed with the  wood color.  I like the wall decor. The pic below leans more to the white I think, I am not a fan of white. I lean to the off white. Love that TREE. Moving to the bedroom. Lights and candles seems to be a given in a Boho room. Out side... nice. I just love this style. I LOVE THE TABLE. I need to lean to  the off white more in my style.  Declutter is an other thin