Friday, August 22, 2014

Vacation- Panama City Beach - Day 2

Morning started with breakfast at Mike's.
Chris has eaten here before and said it was
good. So good we have breakfast two days in
a row here and dinner one night.

My breakfast. Best pancakes I have
ever eaten. Not sure what they do to them
but they were SO good.
Like eating cake.

From there we ventured off to ride around
a bit.
Check out our new ride.

With the sites done we stopped to have
our pic made.

Later to the marina.
So much fun.

This family had just came in with their catch
of the day.
Yep...they got a shark.

Locals at the marina.

Fishing boat.

The Pirate Boat.

Lets not forget the guys that clean the
fish while you wait, pack it up
so you can take it home.

Chris's dinner at Mike's after the marina.

Visitor while we sat around the pool.

Last for the day....putt putt golf.

Behind the fall....sorry I was to
busy trying to win to take pics!

LOL....he beat me by one stroke.
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Street Art / Yard Art

I have a folder on Facebook titled
Street Art
and I have just really started to
take pics for that folder.
Although I found some I took years ago
before digital. Had to scan the first two.
Downtown Nashville
Also, downtown Nashville.

Now we are into the easy way...
Took this on a backroad in TN...somewhere!

This is on the side of a building in Donelson Tn.
Couple of Cities over from me.

This was painted by a group of people on the side
of a furniture store in Donelson.

East Nashville.

Also in East Nashville at a church day care.

Ventured out for this one!
Street Art in DelMar Calif.
Course this was on the 4th of July
so this street art was dressed!

Amazing work by Major Hall,
local artist. This is his street art,
his mailbox!

Leepers Fork in Tn.
This is why I am going to learn
to weld. I love this stuff.
There are more that I know of and I
will be photographing them as I
go to add to my file.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I have always wanted to be able to quilt but
as it is I have WAY to MANY other
things that I mess with....quilting is not
But my sis in law Lori does an amazing job.
She took it up less than ten years ago and just
ran with it. She has made so beautiful quilts and
bless her heart, with all the work she does on them
she gives them away.
This year she decided to enter a couple in the
county fair and look what the full size quilt
3rd place!
First time ever to enter...
Not only did she put the full size quilt in there
she put a lap quilt in there also and it got
2nd place!
I am so proud of her and her work.
Way to go Lori.

Here is another that she gave to a woman
fighting cancer.
Is that not just amazing?

I love it and I see more amazing
work in her future.
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Vacation - Day 1 - Panama City Beach

Tuesday August 12th, 2014
I got up at 3am....Yes, you read
and someone likes to get an early

I was excited also since I have never been
to Panama City Beach Fla.
Our hotel.

View from the room...
nice huh?


Walk on the beach.

Visiting the locals.

And watching the fun.
Love the volley ball I also caught in this shot.

Resting after the walk on the beach.

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