Vacation- Panama City Beach - Day 2

Morning started with breakfast at Mike's.
Chris has eaten here before and said it was
good. So good we have breakfast two days in
a row here and dinner one night.

My breakfast. Best pancakes I have
ever eaten. Not sure what they do to them
but they were SO good.
Like eating cake.

From there we ventured off to ride around
a bit.
Check out our new ride.

With the sites done we stopped to have
our pic made.

Later to the marina.
So much fun.

This family had just came in with their catch
of the day.
Yep...they got a shark.

Locals at the marina.

Fishing boat.

The Pirate Boat.

Lets not forget the guys that clean the
fish while you wait, pack it up
so you can take it home.

Chris's dinner at Mike's after the marina.

Visitor while we sat around the pool.

Last for the day....putt putt golf.

Behind the fall....sorry I was to
busy trying to win to take pics!

LOL....he beat me by one stroke.
Thanks for stopping in,


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