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Thank You Very Much Thursday

Today is Thank You Very Much Thursday hosted by Kmama at The Daily Dribbles! So when you finish here jump on over there and check it out. To the sinus pressure I have had to deal with all week long....thank you very much. To Walmart that I am b0ycotting because they never have what I go in for anymore...thank you very much. To the mess I have left in my process of cleaning up the craftroom...where did all that stuff come from....thank you very much. And the to ice and snow that is due to hit here after I get to work tomorrow... let me THANK YOU VERY MUCH ahead of time (can't you do it before I come to work so maybe I don't have to go and not have to worry about getting home)? And on that note I think it deserves another THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Now that I have vented that, jump on over and check out some more Thank You Very Much Thursday! Thanks for stopping in (and I do mean that), Pam

Wordless Wednesday

My dog Dakota peeking out from behind the curtain.

I Heart Faces - Texture

This weeks challenge on I heart faces is
to display a photo with texture.
Jump on over to that blog and check all
the pics out. Enjoy.
iHeartfacesThanks for stopping in,

True Story Tuesday - The Bike Wreck

Week after week when I think I have ran out
of funny or interesting things to write about for
True Story Tuesday but then out of the blue
something else hits me. This story today takes
place a long time ago, I was 17 years old at the time.

My brother was into BMX racing. He loved to ride
and had been jumping ramps and popping wheelies
forever it seemed, but then he got into racing.
First it was just around where we lived but as
he grew so did that interest.

We traveled to places like Orlando Fla., Evansville Ind.,
and even St. Louis for races. I met a lot of intesting
people at these races. Some of these guys really
had muscles from riding these bikes. I have to
admit I loved the attention I got from them.

There were several times when some of these racers
would come to our house to stay while touring BMX races around the Nashville area. Two of the first two to come were Greg Esser and his brother Brian from Fla. Greg and I were closer to the same age and Brian and Mark (my brother) were closer. So Gr…

Foodie Friday - Pork Chop/Stuffing and Apples

Morning all,

This is my first post to Foodie Friday.
Keep in mind that I am not a big cooker.
I look for easy, simple and good meals
to fix....remember EASY, I all about that!

When you finish reading and you wipe
the your watering mouth, stop by
and link up your own Foodie Friday meal!

My children are 29 and 22 but when
they were young I cooked a hot
breakfast every morning before they
set out to school, except maybe one
day a week. Then for dinner since I
was a single Mom there were not any
eating out so it was another hot meal
prepared. I think I have earned my right
to cook or not to cook.....

But thanks to my friend Nancy I have
directions to a really easy and good
tasting meal. You will need~~~

3 to 4 large boneless pork chops
1 21 oz can of apple pie filling
1 box of stuffing

Prepare the stuffing according to
the box.
In a 13x9 casserole dish sprayed
with cooking spray spread
the pie filling in the bottom.
On top of that spread y…

Thank You Very Much Thursday

This is my first time to play along
with Thank You Very Much
Thursday at

Check out my thank you's for the
week on things that frustrated me,
pissed me off or just did not sat well
with me. When finished reading this
hop on over to Daily Dribbles blog
with the link above and have more

Thank you very much for :

The washer that decided to leak
all over the hall floor

The girl at Taco Bell that was
not friendly, had poor customer
service and informed me that
she did not know where the hot
sauce was

the fact that I had sound on my
tv but not a picture...that would
be a thanks to Dish!

to the fact that twice this week
my Mom has not phone service...
thanks again AT&T...( I have issues
with this company)

for the dull freak'n headache I have
had for a week

for the nut that pulled out in front
of me and slowed down (does he
not know how dangerous that can
be with me behind the wheel?)

Okay folks, that is about all I can
come up with right now...I slept
since somethings…

True Story Tuesday - The Damage

Good morning.

Just when I think I have ran out of true
stories to tell that would bring on laughter,
I think of another one!

Once upon a time I was younger and in a
lot better shape then I am in now!!! LOL…

With that said, I don’t guess I really took
the best of care of myself with some of
the things that I would do. For one, I
have had a bad back since I was in high
school but at in my early 20’s I was not
having issues as much with it so I thought
I could do anything. One of my biggest
and worse traits at that time was that I
could not stand to leave my furniture the
same way for longer then a couple of
months. I was always rearranging things.

That night I laid a sleeping baby in her
crib for the night only to notice that I
had placed it under the air vent. I pulled
the stool (like a piano stool) over to the
side of the crib. I hopped up there and
was adjusting the vent follow, when all
of a sudden the stool flipped out from
under me (that happens when you stand
on the edge). I flew back off the st…

Birthday Gifts

It's that time of year again....BIRTHDAY!
Yikes.....(this is an edit to this blog...I was
reminded by several people that I failed to
state my up coming age.....I will be the BIG there!)

Of course I am telling you about it exactly one
month before it happens. I wanted to share it
with you so that I could tell you about my early
birthday gifts.

Before I do that let me explain to you that
I have tried all my life to get people to believe
that I am a little sweetheart, course some
have made the choice not to believe (LOL),
see my b-day is Valentines Day.....

Now that we have that out of the way let me also tell you
that my Mom's spoils me! I will not go into all the ways
that she does that right now, maybe they will be a future

I will tell you this, after Christmas we were at Kolh's
together. I was looking at Sterling Silver rings. I found
one I really liked but keep in mind that I am cheap when
it comes to spending that much on a ring for myself. It
was priced at $45.00. I was wa…

Wordless Wednesday

Out with the camera this past Saturday and this is
what I found. Have to wonder, did someone lose it
as they were heading up the hill, or was someone
using it as a sled?

True Story Tuesday - The Temper

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago…
I had a temper! A bad one.

It’s funny to think about now and to tell
people since I am so not like I was
back then. Now, I pretty much let
things roll off my back. I get upset,
I get ticked but I don’t blow like I
use to. I use to say I was like a volcano,
I let things build, and build then I blew…
and it was not pretty either.

There were doors that were ripped off
the hinges because my child locked a
door on me, there were holes put in the
wall by my fist because I rather patch
that then hit someone. I threw knifes
(and not in the circus), I picked up
kitchen chairs and threw them, phones
….just what ever was there that was handy.

I also let other people decide my mood.
Someone would pick at me, say
something I did not like and I felt I
had to have to last word ( I come by
the last word thing honestly)…now I
just figure its not worth it and I walk

The question is, how did I change it all.
I would like to say I grew up but the
change actually did not happen until I

Chicken Pot Pie

Oh so simple and easy to make.
I use to make this for years when my
kids were younger but have not made
it in a very long time. It is a great one
dish meal that is awesome for taking
to a sick friend, someone who just had
a baby or surgery. Tasty too.

The difference in this and most pot
pies is that there is no crust on the
bottom but that could be fixed easy
enough by baking it in a pie crust.

Mix together~
2 cups of chopped boiled chicken breast
2 cups of cream of chicken soup
2 cups of veg all or mixed veggies
and 1/2 can of chicken broth. (16 oz
can or so)

You can mix this up in the same casserole
dish you are going to bake in, about a 9x15.

Then in a bowl mix up ~
1 cup milk
1 cup of bixquick
1/2 stick of melted butter

Pour this over the top covering the
casserole and bake at 350 for about
45 min. or until crust is golden brown.

I have also replaced the broth with
beef broth and the chicken with leftover
roast beef, chopped up!
Simple, easy, no mess and taste yummy...
what more can you ask for?

Enjoy and come …

Simple, Cheap and Easy Project

This simple and easy project cost me about $2.50 for each
lamp. All you need to start with is ribbon, tassels and

a lamp shade.
First I started with cutting the ribbon for the tabs, 2.5 times the lenght as the width of the ribbon. I folded and ironed the tabs in half then I folded the top of both sides about a 1/4 inch ( this is the part that will fold down into the top of the shade). I hot glued the flaps to the shade. Then I ran the ribbon through the tabs. For this look. I took the tassel and hooked it to the ribbon. Brought a new look to an old shade and a little something to the living room.

Next shade is designed a bit different. It has 6 pleaded parts that go down the lenght of the shade so I went with a different look for it.

Same ribbon, tassels just applied differently.

I had the shades, and the glue sticks so all I purchased was the ribbon I liked and the tassels. Now I have a new look to the shades. Took about 15 min. to finish off both shades.

Thanks for stopping in. Please leav…

Life...Keeps Us Hopping and Guessing

Not been doing a lot of posting as of late. Seems
that other things just seem to be getting my attention
a bit more lately.

I was on vacation for two weeks there at Christmas
and although you would think I would have more
time for blogging, I tried to find other things
to do with myself. Okay, so I have to admit...
there were some naps, lots of things I did not
get to, a wedding shoot and a 50th Anniversary
family pic shoot, and I even managed to clean
some cabinets out. A lunch, a get together,
dinners and of course Christmas, so I guess
on the one hand I stayed pretty busy.

I am actaully trying to limit my time
on the computer. I was finding that
I was going to it more and more and
not getting some things I needed to do
done. In trying to break that cycle I
started knitting again. In a couple of
post back I showed one scarf I had
made and one I was working on for
my Mom for Christmas, a last minute
gift. Which by the way, she loved.

Since that one was finished I have
actually finished two more. I am thinki…

Classmate Get Together

Lots of people stay in touch and sometimes have get togethers,
(I don't mean reunions), after they graduate. Some are life
long friends that have stayed in touch, are there for each
other through the ups and downs of life.

I feel very lucky to have come from a class of
people that over the years have reconnected.
You see I am not talking about a class that
graduated a couple of years ago or maybe 10
years ago...I am talking about a class of people that
graduated going on 32 years ago. I am also not
talking about our whole class of 300 some odd
people but I am talking about more then a
couple of handfuls.

I don't come from a small town where it would
be that when you walked down the town streets
you ran into someone you went to school with.
Some of our classmates live in Texas, Flordia,
Georgia and lots of other states. This does make
it impossible for them to attend the get togethers
but via our awesome website for our school that
is manned souly by one man (I believe he is from
the class of 50 so…