True Story Tuesday - The Damage

Good morning.

Just when I think I have ran out of true
stories to tell that would bring on laughter,
I think of another one!

Once upon a time I was younger and in a
lot better shape then I am in now!!! LOL…

With that said, I don’t guess I really took
the best of care of myself with some of
the things that I would do. For one, I
have had a bad back since I was in high
school but at in my early 20’s I was not
having issues as much with it so I thought
I could do anything. One of my biggest
and worse traits at that time was that I
could not stand to leave my furniture the
same way for longer then a couple of
months. I was always rearranging things.

That night I laid a sleeping baby in her

crib for the night only to notice that I

had placed it under the air vent. I pulled

the stool (like a piano stool) over to the

side of the crib. I hopped up there and

was adjusting the vent follow, when all

of a sudden the stool flipped out from

under me (that happens when you stand

on the edge). I flew back off the stool,

ripped a shelf (put up with anchor hooking

bolts) off the wall, making a dent in the

wall where my head hit (no comments

needed about my hard head) and in the

process I kicked the under side of the

mattress and springs causing one end

to jump off the hook that held it to the

frame…this in turn causing my child

to slide to the end without waking her.

As I got up and looked around at the

damage in runs my ex (husband at the

time)…..nude! He had been in the tub when

I took my fall. He asked was I okay and in

my reply I said, “look at the mess I made”!

He laughed and said that was nothing

compared to what he had done then

walked out of the room.

I recovered enough to wonder about that

statement but in a split second he returned.

He was carrying the soap dish, you know

the one I mean, the ceramic ones that

are bonded to your tile wall! Yes, that

one. When he heard the noise of my

fall he grabbed the soap dish pulling

himself up and out of the tub to see

what happened….pulling it off the wall.

That brought a laugh to me even though

I was already getting really sore. Then we

sat out to repair what damage we could

correct at that point. My daughter slept

through it all.

One last thought to leave you with....

a man I worked with once told me that

people would not know the silly things

I did if I did not come into work telling them...

my reply was that they are funny and I love

to share the laughter!

Thanks for stopping in,

The hook for the crib!


Pam D said…
Holy cow, girl... that sounds like an episode of The Three Stooges! I would say I wish I'd been a fly on the wall, but the "nude husband" thing kinda makes me glad I wasn't. heh. I'll just have to take your word for it!
Great story!! Love the laugh!!
Mr. Daddy said…
I'm with Pam D. would of loved to be a fly on the wall!!!! Butt....LOL
Foursons said…
I was laughing the whole time 'cause this is sooo something I would do and then when your hubby ran in naked to check on you the hysterics just couldn't stop. Great story!
Rachel said…
The baby slept through the whole thing??? That just blows me away.

I just could not believe how it went from one crazy thing to the next... and no one was permanently injured (well, except the house!)

That is just a classic TST - so glad you remembered it. If only there was a video!
Emily said…
That is hilarious!!! Isn't it funny how babies can sleep through anything...except of course, when you want them too...then their awake!
Christina Lee said…
HA--larious!!!!!!! thanks for the laugh!
Kmama said…
Oh my gosh!! I'm glad neither of you were seriously hurt. Because you weren't hurt, I can laugh, right??

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