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Dermo Doc Apt

Morning~ I touched on my skin issues on my blog days ago. I had an up coming doc  visit with the dermo doc. I have always dealth with skin issues, basiscally all of my life I learned that as a small  toddler I had issues with  Ecemza.  Most times kids will  out grow this, but you know that with me that is not how things went.  It will go dormit but it  always pops back up. As a teen I had it on my forearms like this. Between my fingers, on the  tops of my feet and between my toes.  After years of just mild fareups I had it appear right after mom went into the hospital. I know when she was in ICU I was using hand sanitizer and that  is hard on the skin. But stress also affects it. Treating it with over the  counter meds just was  not working. Problem also comes into  play ~ is this the ecemza or discoid lupus which I  developed in 2010. Well in this case it turned out to be the ecemaza. I also men


I have been working on moving pics out of facebook, buring some to disc and just deleting some.  I had WAY too many  pics on fb. While doing that I ran across  a lot of pics of me with different hair styles. So I pulled some into  my blog so that you  could see.  Keep in mind that I am one of those folks that gets tired of my hair easily and  I will spend 2 yrs letting it grow only to turn right around and have it cut off. Its been a given that is how its done for me for  years now. Here is a pic of my friend Laura and I. Laura is the one we lost in Oct. last yr. Julie, Dakota and I. Here I am bracing the curls in my hair. The one below was taken in March when my niece got married.  The two below are recent pics with the  recent hair cut.  HAHA.. so do you wear the same style all the time? How many years have you been wearing that style?

Julia's Homestyle Bakery Visit

Debbie and I spent her  first day of  her retirement together  after my dermo  doctor apt.  One of my oldest friends  owns a bakery  45 mins away.  They have  a fb page and if you like and comment you can possibly win a fudge pie on Fridays. Debbie won a fudge pie, so  yesterday I rode with her to pick that up. Here it is... The Award Winning  Fudge Pie. Julie's mom owns the original Homestyle Bakery and she used to put her pie in the local fair always winning first place. OH MY....   its so good! Another selfie with a Photo Services  photo behind me.      

Yesterdays Pics

Just a peek at the garden. My hummingbird is growing fast! Totally love my rusted metal guitar with the ivy in it. I have been cleaning out thousands of pics on FB. I have folders for certain pics like the animals, grandkids, me.... but I have just be randomally posting so I am deleting some, moving some to the correct folder, moving some to a folder on the computer to burn a disc of and file getting them off FB.  Clean up time! Found a G while looking through my folders! This is the reason I will hate the new law about holding your phone. Took this on the way to work yesterday. Isn't that winded up knob the cutest? I was leaving work yesterday when  my daughter called. She had gone out to pick up drinks from those in the office and fell coming back up the steps  going back to work. So off to the clinic to check out the  damage. She just pulled somethings but since she had not had a tetanus