Julia's Homestyle Bakery Visit

Debbie and I spent her 
first day
of  her retirement together
 after my dermo 
doctor apt. 

One of my oldest friends 
owns a bakery 
45 mins away.  They have 
a fb page and if you like
and comment you can possibly win
a fudge pie on Fridays.
Debbie won a fudge pie, so 
yesterday I rode with her
to pick that up.

Here it is...
The Award Winning 
Fudge Pie.
Julie's mom owns the original
Homestyle Bakery and
she used to put her pie
in the local fair always winning
first place.

OH MY....
  its so good!

Another selfie with a Photo Services 
photo behind me.      


Liz A. said…
The fudge pie reminds me a bit too much of the pie from the movie The Help...
Ann said…
I suddenly have a craving for sweets. Everything looks so good
Well everything looks delicious and beautiful! Love the mugs too.
You're friend's bakery looks delicious!!! Love the selfie!
Brian said…
All of those bakery items look yummy amazing!

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