Foodie Friday - Pork Chop/Stuffing and Apples

Morning all,

This is my first post to Foodie Friday.
Keep in mind that I am not a big cooker.
I look for easy, simple and good meals
to fix....remember EASY, I all about that!

When you finish reading and you wipe
the your watering mouth, stop by
and link up your own Foodie Friday meal!

My children are 29 and 22 but when
they were young I cooked a hot
breakfast every morning before they
set out to school, except maybe one
day a week. Then for dinner since I
was a single Mom there were not any
eating out so it was another hot meal
prepared. I think I have earned my right
to cook or not to cook.....

But thanks to my friend Nancy I have
directions to a really easy and good
tasting meal. You will need~~~

3 to 4 large boneless pork chops
1 21 oz can of apple pie filling
1 box of stuffing

Prepare the stuffing according to
the box.
In a 13x9 casserole dish sprayed
with cooking spray spread
the pie filling in the bottom.
On top of that spread your
already made stuffing and
top with your pork chops.

Bake at 375 for 30 min. covered
Bake uncovered for 10 more min. or
until chops are done.

So have your bread,
meat and a dessert all in one.
You might want to try this...I added
finely chopped pecans to my stuffing!!

Sorry no pics to post because once
it was made I grabbed my fork
and starting eating.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christina Lee said…
Get OUT that sounds delish--going on my list!
Sounds very yummy!! Thanks for sharing.
Gail said…
It sounds yummy! Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment. Hope to see you again soon!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Rachel said…
Sounds delicious! I'm all about easy meals too! :)

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