Birthday Gifts

It's that time of year again....BIRTHDAY!
Yikes.....(this is an edit to this blog...I was
reminded by several people that I failed to
state my up coming age.....I will be the BIG there!)

Of course I am telling you about it exactly one
month before it happens. I wanted to share it
with you so that I could tell you about my early
birthday gifts.

Before I do that let me explain to you that
I have tried all my life to get people to believe
that I am a little sweetheart, course some
have made the choice not to believe (LOL),
see my b-day is Valentines Day.....

Now that we have that out of the way let me also tell you
that my Mom's spoils me! I will not go into all the ways
that she does that right now, maybe they will be a future

I will tell you this, after Christmas we were at Kolh's
together. I was looking at Sterling Silver rings. I found
one I really liked but keep in mind that I am cheap when
it comes to spending that much on a ring for myself. It
was priced at $45.00. I was waiting on a sale before I
bought it. Yesterday, my Mom went to Kolhs and
she found that same ring marked $17.99. Wow, that
is an awesome buy. But keep this in mind, my Mom
is a bargain shopper. She had a 30% off coupon if
what you buy is put on your Kolhs charge card. With
that said, I got my ring for my birthday and it ran right
at $12.00. Even a better buy!

Check it out...isn't it pretty?

Now on with the rest of my story but before that I need to tell you
about what I did buy myself back in September, a new couch and
chair for my living room. Check them out....

I had to tell you about them to tell you about the rest of
my b-day gifts.
A week ago I was in Kolhs (yes, that store again). I saw
a chair I wanted. It was normally $179.00 but it
was on sale for $79.00. I started to get it but
when I buy something like that I have to think about
it for a bit. Yesterday I planned on going to get it.
Mom of course said she would meet me there so
that we could put it on her card and get the 30%
off it. Total cost of the chair was just at $56.00.
Another great buy.

Please overlook the dog toys under the chair.

The chair is very simple, dark brown. Its a little
darker then my couch but it fits right in
with my living room. Of course, Mom said this
was also part of my b-day! Happy Birthday to

Next I found some bed pillows that are normally
$9.99 but on sale for $4 and something.....

Nice big bed pillows. Then I found this rug to fit where
the carpet of the living room and the entry way meet.
So pretty and it goes with my brown theme. I love
the splash of red. Think the next purchase will be
red throw pillows for the couch.
Back to the rug, it was marked on clearance for
$10 something......
and NO, I did not buy the dog at Kolhs.
This of course is the king of my home, Dakota, and he likes the rug.

Now the good part of that is ........the 30% of those two items also!

What do you think? Now that I have shared my early b-day gifts with you all, let me share this. I have found several places that will give you a deal on your first purchase if you sign up for a charge card with them. Even places like AT&T will give new customers better deals then people that have been with them for awhile.. Kolhs is the only place I have found that continues to reward their regular card holders. Every other week or so I get, as well as my Mom a percent off coupon in the mail. They will range from 10% to 30%. They offer really great sales also, so when you apply that percent off coupon you can get an awesome deal. Check them out sometime.

Thanks for stopping in,



Sandy said…
My great grandmas birthday was on Valentine's Day too! I love the ring! You sure got some great deals!
Anonymous said…
The ring is very cute and what an awesome price.

I love bargains.

Valentine's Dau is a great day for a birthday - cake and chocolates!
Debbie said…
I love that ring and what a great deal! I am a very frugal shopper. And I love Kohl's sales.

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