True Story Tuesday - The Temper

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago…
I had a temper! A bad one.

It’s funny to think about now and to tell
people since I am so not like I was
back then. Now, I pretty much let
things roll off my back. I get upset,
I get ticked but I don’t blow like I
use to. I use to say I was like a volcano,
I let things build, and build then I blew…
and it was not pretty either.

There were doors that were ripped off
the hinges because my child locked a
door on me, there were holes put in the
wall by my fist because I rather patch
that then hit someone. I threw knifes
(and not in the circus), I picked up
kitchen chairs and threw them, phones
….just what ever was there that was handy.

I also let other people decide my mood.
Someone would pick at me, say
something I did not like and I felt I
had to have to last word ( I come by
the last word thing honestly)…now I
just figure its not worth it and I walk

The question is, how did I change it all.
I would like to say I grew up but the
change actually did not happen until I
was around 32 yrs old. It seemed that
everything in my life had a way of going
wrong, this broke, that broke, I had to
deal with this disappointment, I had to
deal with this repair, I had to deal with
this remark. One day I sat and thought
about it all and realized it was the way
I except these things that made the
difference. I was the one being hurt
with my outburst, no one else.

I figured I would be the one to have a
heart attack or stroke from the way I
handled things in my life so I decided
at that point to calm down. Not to say
that on a day that I don’t feel up to par
something might not trigger a blow up
from me but in a case like that I try to
calm down before going off. And not to
say that little things like idiots tick me
off, but…there again, I walk away without
saying something, calm down then say

There are times that the need to have
the last word creeps up on me, there
are times that I let it out. Some
people think that by being this way
I let others run all over me but I
don’t see it that way, I see it as
controlling my emotions, moods
and feelings. I would like to think
that makes me a stronger person.
Plus, I have learned over the years
that you can say what you feel,
get your point across without
being rude. Hurting someones
feelings is something I have tried
to avoid all my life, even when
totally ticked.

In a nut shell, I looked at the person
I was with my temper and I did not
like being that person. I had not
always been like that, where did it
come from… clue, but it was
there and it had to go. So my true
story is that I changed, I changed
the way I looked at things, the way
I looked at the people ticking me
off and just figured, it was not worth
it. Now don’t get me wrong, if I feel
it is worth the last word, the battle,
I go for it, the difference now is that
I don’t look at everything as that
battle. I now pick and choose
which one is worth it.

Thanks for stopping in,


Well, Pam! I am so glad you changed! I am so glad you are living a much happier and calmer life now : ). I have a bad temper too! sometimes I let the littlest things stress me out. I don't ever throw things but I do yell. I am totally trying to work on it! Who likes yelling? Not me!
Pam D said…
Now Pam... YOU may be able to remain calm, but what about inciting OTHER people? Like, saaaaay... posting a picture of them in 6th grade with goofy hair and cat eye glasses on FACEBOOK??? Nah, you would never do that to a friend, right? *sigh* Seriously, it's great that you were able to overcome your temper. Mine seems to be getting worse as I get older; or maybe it's just something about having a 10 year old in the house?
And I'm going back to your blog right now to look and see on the sidebar issue. It may just be the template that you chose; some have two columns, some three, etc. Let me look and I'll email you!
Aubrey said…
Good for you! What a great attitude to have. Don't you breath so much better now too??!!

Coming by from SITS! Welcome!!
Rachel said…
Isn't that the biggest eye opener? To take an honest look at yourself and see if YOU really like you? It's humbling for me!

Thanks for such an inspirational post.

Though I did have to laugh when I saw your comment on Fourson's blog - and your "bad parking" cards! :)
Foursons said…
I love that you shared this. Thank you!
Jen said…
Wow, that is a really great lesson. Thank you for sharing that. I know that I could learn a thing or two from your.

Stopped by from SITS to say hi and welcome.

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