Life...Keeps Us Hopping and Guessing

Not been doing a lot of posting as of late. Seems
that other things just seem to be getting my attention
a bit more lately.

I was on vacation for two weeks there at Christmas
and although you would think I would have more
time for blogging, I tried to find other things
to do with myself. Okay, so I have to admit...
there were some naps, lots of things I did not
get to, a wedding shoot and a 50th Anniversary
family pic shoot, and I even managed to clean
some cabinets out. A lunch, a get together,
dinners and of course Christmas, so I guess
on the one hand I stayed pretty busy.

I am actaully trying to limit my time
on the computer. I was finding that
I was going to it more and more and
not getting some things I needed to do
done. In trying to break that cycle I
started knitting again. In a couple of
post back I showed one scarf I had
made and one I was working on for
my Mom for Christmas, a last minute
gift. Which by the way, she loved.

Since that one was finished I have
actually finished two more. I am thinking
that since I enjoy it, it relaxes me that
I will just keep on with it and put them
back to give as gifts here and there. Finished
one tonight and already started another one.
I seem to be on a roll.

Among all this I will be at the hospital
tomorrow while my nephew has a defibrillator
put in. I have written about him several times
in my blogs. Once in a True Story Tuesday~
Dated Nov. 9, 2009 (sorry, since AT&T
went in with Yahoo, I can't copy from
one page and paste in another...and we
don't need me going off on AT&T again
in a blog!!) and once before that
for the outdoor furniture he sells.
Although I love all my nieces and
nephews very much, and all are special
to me in their own way. Chase was my
first nephew, son of my oldest brother and
his belly laugh as a child captured my heart.

To see him going through this hurts me so much.
You see a couple months ago Chase was told
he had Cardiomyopathy. It is something that
seems to be past down in my family. My
Dad had it as well as aunts and uncles. But
the news was so shocking to hear that a
otherwise healthy 26 yr. old man had this

The good thing is that Chase is healthy,
he is strong and he has the best family
support system anyone could ask for.

Anyway, this is where I have been, this
is where my thoughts have been...trying
to change somethings in my life, trying
to regroup and trying to understand
life and why it keeps us hopping in someways
and guessing in other ways.

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
It's a normal cycle... to start blogging, to get intensely into it (it's the time spent going to OTHER blogs that takes so much time, really), and then to step back and assess how you really want to do it. But don't stop; it's such a great record/journal of your life! I finally came to the conclusion that my blog is for me and my family; anyone that wants to come along for the ride is welcome, but I'm not doing it for the hits, comments, or followers. In the end, as I print out 150-200 posts at a time as a blog book, it will be a valuable gift to Adam when he's grown and I'm gone. I would love to have had something like that from my dad. SO don't quit... just do it in moderation. And don't stop painting, either! :<)
Debbie said…
I hope your nephew is doing well.
And I need to get off the computer more. It is addictive.
Sandy said…
I go through spurts when I write frequently and then I slack off. Sometimes, life just gets too busy to be on the computer.

Welcome to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!
Just Lisa said…
I also find that I sometimes put real life on hold when I'm blogging. One thing that I try to do is I try to write several blog entries at once and then set them to be posted throughout the week, so my blog gets attention, but my family does, too. I also try to comment on my favorite blogs right away, so they don't pile up and get out of control.

I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!
Ash said…
I hear you about too much on the computer. It was one of my resolutions, and my blog is suffering for it, but my house is finally clean :-)

Hope your nephew is doing well, and is on his way to better health.

Stopping by via SiTS to welcome you to the gang!

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