Thank You Very Much Thursday

This is my first time to play along
with Thank You Very Much
Thursday at

Check out my thank you's for the
week on things that frustrated me,
pissed me off or just did not sat well
with me. When finished reading this
hop on over to Daily Dribbles blog
with the link above and have more

Thank you very much for :

The washer that decided to leak
all over the hall floor

The girl at Taco Bell that was
not friendly, had poor customer
service and informed me that
she did not know where the hot
sauce was

the fact that I had sound on my
tv but not a picture...that would
be a thanks to Dish!

to the fact that twice this week
my Mom has not phone service...
thanks again AT&T...( I have issues
with this company)

for the dull freak'n headache I have
had for a week

for the nut that pulled out in front
of me and slowed down (does he
not know how dangerous that can
be with me behind the wheel?)

Okay folks, that is about all I can
come up with right now...I slept
since somethings happened!

Have a great Thursday and
thanks for stopping in.



Anonymous said…
We have a similar one about some one pulling out in front of us. Mine then stopped to make a left hand turn.
Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Anonymous said…
We also have similar taste in music, and I just discovered that if I click on it, I get a list of everyone that has the same taste.
Did you know that?
Wow. What a contry!

Yes I know it's misspelled but that's how it's pronounced in that phrase. I don't know who started that.
Michelle Pixie said…
Sounds like it's been quite a week! How do you work at TB and not know where the hot sauce is? Isn't it usually right there by the register? Someone enjoys her job!
Kmama said…
I hate when my TV and/or phone don't work!! Dont' mess with my tv/phone/internet stuff!!

Thank you for linking up!

By the way, how can a Taco Bell person NOT know where the hot sauce is???
Pam said…
In reply to the question could the Taco Bell Woman not know where the hot sauce was...she looked around and I can only guess that her slot where it went was empty, and she was not about to look anywhere else. I went into the store to get some and was going to report her but there was a mess of people waiting on food....guess all of Taco Bell was having an off day!
Danielle said…
Cute thank yous. And just FYI - It is not just DISH DirecTV ALWAYS does that too me. How annoying. Thanks for stopping by ;)

Brandi said…
Dish drives me BANANAS!!! Last night our show was interrupted because it was raining... and when I say raining, I mean it was barely sprinkling and the dang satellite kept going out. Grrrr.

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