True Story Tuesday - The Bike Wreck

Week after week when I think I have ran out
of funny or interesting things to write about for
True Story Tuesday but then out of the blue
something else hits me. This story today takes
place a long time ago, I was 17 years old at the time.

My brother was into BMX racing. He loved to ride
and had been jumping ramps and popping wheelies
forever it seemed, but then he got into racing.
First it was just around where we lived but as
he grew so did that interest.

We traveled to places like Orlando Fla., Evansville Ind.,
and even St. Louis for races. I met a lot of intesting
people at these races. Some of these guys really
had muscles from riding these bikes. I have to
admit I loved the attention I got from them.

There were several times when some of these racers
would come to our house to stay while touring BMX races
around the Nashville area. Two of the first two to come
were Greg Esser and his brother Brian from Fla. Greg and I
were closer to the same age and Brian and Mark (my
brother) were closer. So Greg and I spent time

Greg and I -taken in St. Louis
I loved to ride a lot back in those days also. Course
I did not race. But I had my own ten speed and when I
needed to think, get away or whatever, I rode. This was
my ten speed. I was surprised that I was able to come up
with a pic of it in my albums. This was an Evil Knievel
special. Keep that name of the bike in the back of your mind....

One evening Greg and I decided that we wanted to go for a
ride. Back then the neighbor did not have street lights
and there were no lights on my ten speed or his BMX bike.
It was after dark, we were riding along, talking and
laughing when all of a sudden a kid came out of his drive
on his bike. He did not see me, I did not see him.
It was to late, I hit him. No, he was not hurt but I did suffer
from embarrassment at that moment and bruises and
was really sore the next day. You see, I did not just
hit this kid on a small bike (he was about 10), I
slamed into him and flipped over my handle bars
on to the ground. Could not even do that one with
Greg made sure I was okay but then I am afraid
that we both laughed our butts off over all the way
home since we had to push my bike. I bent the front
wheel frame up pretty good. Can you say Evil Knievel??

not my bike, but this is how it looked.

Good thing it was dark cause I know I must have been
so red faced after that.
That has been over 30 years ago, the embarrassment is
gone but it still makes for a good laugh. The last time
I saw Greg was probably about 15 years ago. My brother
had given up BMX and was racing cars at our local speedway.
Greg was in town and him and I went to the races together.
Next True Story Tuesday will be another adventure
from my brothers BMX racing days and the guys I
Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
Woohooo.. he was a cutie! And that poor l'il guy that you hit... he's just lucky that you were riding on a bike and not in a car. And the next time I see you, I shall call you Ms. Knievel....
Emily said…
LOL...that is pretty funny story (since you're OK and all). My hubby used to do motor cross racing. It's a wild life those guys have.
Anonymous said…
Pam...LOL..Oh Pam you had me laughing with that one... Of course I felt sorry for the poor little one and glad to hear he was ok...but I could just picture you flip'n over that 10 speed and knowing you..yes, a darker skin shade towards the crimson side would have been noticeable on your face lol! So glad you two could laugh it off as well..shows how comfortable you were with each other... He's a cutie...and you two looked so sweet together...awww! I learn something new about you every day Ms. Knievel...although there is not 'Evil' in you.. Your one of the sweetest persons I know.. Thanks for sharing! Nancy M.; Ohio
chili pepper said…
Great story. It sounds like your brother and you had a special relationship. I can't imagine growing up without mine!

Glad you stopped by.

Foursons said…
Oh gosh! I know if that had been me I would have been acting all tough and laughing all the way home and then I would have gone to my room and cried and wimpered over the pain. The things we do to impress a boy.
Rachel said…
Oh my... those kind of things only happen with cute witnesses, right?!?! Oh golly, I totally feel your pain, but am glad there were no permanent injuries. I mean, except for the bike!

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