Classmate Get Together

Lots of people stay in touch and sometimes have get togethers,
(I don't mean reunions), after they graduate. Some are life
long friends that have stayed in touch, are there for each
other through the ups and downs of life.

I feel very lucky to have come from a class of
people that over the years have reconnected.
You see I am not talking about a class that
graduated a couple of years ago or maybe 10
years ago...I am talking about a class of people that
graduated going on 32 years ago. I am also not
talking about our whole class of 300 some odd
people but I am talking about more then a
couple of handfuls.

I don't come from a small town where it would
be that when you walked down the town streets
you ran into someone you went to school with.
Some of our classmates live in Texas, Flordia,
Georgia and lots of other states. This does make
it impossible for them to attend the get togethers
but via our awesome website for our school that
is manned souly by one man (I believe he is from
the class of 50 something...long before my time)
we have been able to stay in touch, reconnect
and meet for these non reunion get togethers
.....but then came FACEBOOK.

I had reconnected with several old classmates
from the school website but when I found
FACEBOOK, I found so many more or should
I say most of them found me. I love it, the
reconnecting, staying in touch and then the
get togethers.

On the 27th of this month two of my graduating
classmates were in town, one from Texas and
one from Georgia. We could not let this go undone
so via FACEBOOK there was an event posted. A
few were able to show for a lunch meeting at our
local Chili's. These two people, although we had
been talking via FB, I had not seen or spent time
with in 32 years. It was so GREAT.

Its not just the reconnecting, the remembering and
sharing as it a group, and let me add here, I think
a fantastic group of people come together and help
an old classmate in need.

You see, in November we learned that the daughter
of a classmate was on a lung transplant list. They
were told that she had Cystic Fibrosis, a life threating
lung disorder. The daughter is now 23 years old.
The cost of the surgery would be covered by insurance
but the Mom had to stop working a couple of part time
jobs in order to stay home and care for their daughter.

In talking with her a couple other classmates learned
that if they could get a month or maybe two ahead
on a house note, that would help. Via Facebook a
notice went out to not just our class but the classes
before and after, anyone that was on Facebook from
our school. A fund raiser was organized and put together.
There was also an account set up for those who could
not attend but wanted to send checks or just drop
in and donate.

From my understanding there was well over 3000.00
raised and given to the family to help with the bills.
Being that we are a class that left the loving halls
of our school 32 years ago....I think that is awesome.
You would not believe the turnout alone at the local
Chili's! Between our class and the class of 80 we seem
to take a lot of business there......wondering about a
discount now! LOL.....

Anyway, I am proud to say that I am from the class
of 78, DuPont High. I am proud to say that I share that
with an awesome group of friends, some I have known
since I attended 2nd grade at Hermitage! The group
of students that DuPont turned out, my class and others
are really the greatest people. I totally think they rock.....

I have yet to hear anyone tell me that they have this
kind of connection with their school. I feel lucky, honored
and so proud. Guys and gals you rock in my book.

Look forward to other meetings to come. And the class
of 80 you never know when I will turn up at one of
your support groups again!

Pam and Mark, great to see you guys again. So glad
we could do lunch.

Thanks for stopping in.


Pam D said…
Go Bulldogs.. Class of '78 is great! Truly, Facebook has been a wonderful thing, if for nothing else than the relationship that has developed between me and you! I think about my son and the fact that he won't ever be disconnected from his friends unless he chooses to; he'll have Facebook (or something even better) right from the start. It's a small, small world....
(and thanks for that picture of me; I'm always behind the lens and just about never have my picture taken. You took about the best one of me that I've seen! I, on the other hand, couldn't get my dumb camera to cooperate.. :<( )
Oh well... next time I'll do better! Happy New Year's, Pam1...!

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