I have always wanted to be able to quilt but
as it is I have WAY to MANY other
things that I mess with....quilting is not
But my sis in law Lori does an amazing job.
She took it up less than ten years ago and just
ran with it. She has made so beautiful quilts and
bless her heart, with all the work she does on them
she gives them away.
This year she decided to enter a couple in the
county fair and look what the full size quilt
3rd place!
First time ever to enter...
Not only did she put the full size quilt in there
she put a lap quilt in there also and it got
2nd place!
I am so proud of her and her work.
Way to go Lori.

Here is another that she gave to a woman
fighting cancer.
Is that not just amazing?

I love it and I see more amazing
work in her future.
Thanks for stopping in,


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