Street Art / Yard Art

I have a folder on Facebook titled
Street Art
and I have just really started to
take pics for that folder.
Although I found some I took years ago
before digital. Had to scan the first two.
Downtown Nashville
Also, downtown Nashville.

Now we are into the easy way...
Took this on a backroad in TN...somewhere!

This is on the side of a building in Donelson Tn.
Couple of Cities over from me.

This was painted by a group of people on the side
of a furniture store in Donelson.

East Nashville.

Also in East Nashville at a church day care.

Ventured out for this one!
Street Art in DelMar Calif.
Course this was on the 4th of July
so this street art was dressed!

Amazing work by Major Hall,
local artist. This is his street art,
his mailbox!

Leepers Fork in Tn.
This is why I am going to learn
to weld. I love this stuff.
There are more that I know of and I
will be photographing them as I
go to add to my file.
Thanks for stopping in,


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