Fall Wreath

Wanted a fast wreath for my front door, and
while surfing through blogs I saw several
made just using yarn.

So, off to Hobby Lobby I went and I got

Then back home I went and I dug through my yarn.
Loving these 3 colors together.

Here is me wrapping the yarn.

And this is my finished project. The yarn I
had and I got the leaves and flowers out of
my mom's box of silks.

Total out of pocket...$2.99

Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Goodness, that is very creative Ms Pam! Nice and the colors perfect together.. Did you remember to make one for your mom as well? lol.. So simple a project..yet very classy looking.. Thanks for sharing.. Nancy M. / Ohio
Jo said…
How cute! and easy - my kind of craft. Thanks for stopping by my blog (Thats My Story) and commenting

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