Commissioned Pieces

Once upon a time I was on another
website called 
It closed about 5 yrs ago but 
on that site you posted a pic 
on the given day of the month.
Looking at others pics and comment
on their children, grandkids, and just
general all round pics I MET a lot
of other women that I had daily 
interaction with. I watched their family
grow, I traveled on vacation with 
them (via the site), and when that
site closed I told them to look me
up on FB. I have a lot of ClubMom
mom's on my FB friends list.

I really connected with a friend
that lives in the very tip of Ohio.
She had a son about 8 at the time 
that is now in his second year of 
college. I have yet to travel to visit
Nancy but she has been to Nashville
to stay with me a couple of times.

I also have a friend in San Diego that
I met on that site but on my trips there
to visit my son, who keeps me so busy
when there, I have yet to connect with 

Then there is the young woman, my
daughters age that I connected with.
She action only lived 2 hours away
from me. On a trip to Nashville just
a few months ago we met. She recent
married and moved to Alabama. I will 
be meeting up with her in Oct. on 
another trip to town. Her name is

Melissa ordered something for me
to make for her some time ago.
I was able to meet with her to get
that to her on that meeting a few 
months ago.

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She wanted this for her laundry room. 
I quoted her a price but ended up giving
it to her for a wedding gift.

Overlook the knife and the tuna
packs, they were keeping the clothes
pins at a certain level till the glue tried.

She recently told me she needed a 
front door decoration for her new home.
I showed her this that I had made for my

She loved it. So I made her one
for her front door. This is why we will
meet in Oct. for her to pick this up.

Just the other day she added to 
her order. 

She saw this on FB and 
wanted two of them.

I was not sure if she really wanted
two a like so I sent her the one below
to see if maybe she might want one like
this and one like the Halloween one. 

She really liked this one and thought maybe
she could leave this one out
all year. 

I have a glass bowl, so I need to pick
up another one at the dollar store.
I had two clay pots and I already
picked up the saucers. Pretty sure
I have the wooden balls for the top 
so I will start on these later this week. 

Plus a couple of years ago I 
painted her daughter a Minion 
ornament that Melissa ordered.

I love these fast cute
little projects.

I will also be making this
plaque for my son.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Darla M Sands said…
Nice! How great to stay in touch and meet some of these lovely ladies. Oh, and thanks for the duck related phrases I'd forgotten. ~grin~ I hope you're feeling well today.
MadSnapper said…
I have friends, close friends from blogging, just like what you are talking about, I feel like we have been friends for years and could pick them and their whole family and pets out of a blogger line up if there was one. I have known many of them since 2009 and three are like sisters who have never met. I fully understand what you wrote here. you are soooooooo creative and I try not to be jealous, but I am a tad... I saw that Harvey rain is headed to Memphis, is it going to effect Nashville with rain?
Sally said…
awe Pam, you make such cute crafts!

It's lovely the friends we make online; I've yet to meet a fellow blogger but hope to one day the good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. :)

Cat Lover said…
You are so crafty! All your projects look great. Aren't we bloggers great people???
Have a wonderful day!
Red Rose Alley said…
I didn't know you had another blog at one time. We meet so many wonderful women here in blog land, people of the same interests, and we get so much inspiration from them. : )

Liz A. said…
It's amazing how some connections stick. Love that last sign.
Sharon said…
Cute stuff. If I had more space, I would love to try my hand at some of it. Love the gumball 'machine.'
I have met many folks online, they are the friends I've never met even though I feel as though I have.
Awesome stuff. I love these signs.
Ann Thompson said…
Love all the projects. You are very creative
Debbie said…
Oh girl, your creative juices are really flowing!! All of these projects are wonderful!
Rhodesia said…
What a great idea, we always seem to be having odd socks !!!!! Diane

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