Purple Shed, Painting Drop, Lily Napping

WOW.....a purple shed.
I love purple but not sure I 
would go with this in my backyard!
Unless....the trim on the house
could match it!

I asked on fb about where I could take yoga
classes around the house.  With that a friend
delivered this to my house. She was at Goodwill
and saw this and she was hoping it would help me
with my Fibro. 

That was so sweet.

I painted this years, years....years ago before I
learned a bit more then I knew at this time.

But with that said, I dropped this in my area
for Free Art Movement Nashville today. 

This little girl found her right where
I left her, at the drop box at the library. 

Her mom said on FB, " She said Mom, her hair is like 
mine  can I put her in MY room?!!! and then she said, can
 I make something and hide it,I said hmm, I feel a home school
 art project in the making Free art jr anybody :)))?

I am so happy she found it and likes

I went in Goodwill today hoping they
had put out jackets by now. 
I lost my blue jean one a couple
yrs ago and I am looking for another
one. But while in there I saw this.

No clue.....haha

My fur babies love it when I curl up on 
the couch.....Lily Bit just stretched right out
there and Dakota was near my head sitting
on the floor so I could stretch him behind
the ears. 

A bit later I looked and Lily was laying like this...
how can they sleep with there heads up?

I have to tell this story I told on facebook
the other day.......Dakota, Lily and I were
on the deck when Dakota needed to go out.
I let him out and started moving things
around on the deck when Lily started
meowing. She was at the screen door, 
crying, Dakota had gotten out of her site
and she could not stand it. She was just
crying like a baby! 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
Neat that you did a drop art and recipient was so happy with it.
You had sunshine today? Lucky you!
Liz A. said…
Yeah, agreed, the purple shed needs to match the house in some way.

Great that someone appreciated your painting. Maybe you'll find her painting later :)
Jeanie said…
Love that your work found a perfect home. And really love that Lily is so in love with Dakota!
Sally said…
Actually my daughter loves purple so much, she'd probably be happy with that shed in her backyard. :)

Darla M Sands said…
That shed is bright! How delightful that little girl can enjoy your art. I like the piece, too. Thank you for sharing another fur baby update. Love these two. Be well!
Sandra said…
what a happy story that you were there and got to see someone who loved your art take it home. love it. do not love the purple barn. even another color it would still stick out like a sore thumb... looks like it belongs on a ranch somewhere... I like your shed with the painted door better.
Rhodesia said…
So happy someone found your art who really appreciates it.
Possum's paws!!! I hope not :-(
Have a great day Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Not crazy about the purple shed. Awesome that the girl who found your painting liked it so much.

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