Out and About - Hobby Lobby and Lowes

Lily Bit loves the deck..
and watching the birds in 
the trees. 

While cleaning through somethings
the other day and putting
things up where they go I
ran across some
11x17 photos.

My daughter, 6 months old.
One of my all time favs.
She will be 37 in Dec.

If that don't make me feel old
this does.
A photo of me taken in the 
late 70's. 
I think I was 17.

Wow...I kept those brows
thin! haha

Had to get out and about yesterday
picking up something's I needed.

Went to TWO of my fav stores.
Hobby Lobby being one.

Not sure what I would need these
for but they are too cute.

This is a smaller version.

Was checking out some charms
for some projects I need
to finish.
Ran across these when I
was looking.

I always venture back to the paint.

These have been up since June.

When my oldest grandson was
young I started a collection 
of these since he liked them
so much. 
Wow....but look at all

Love this...
Cost 36.00 but a few yrs
ago I picked one up for 2.99
at Goodwill....
all metal just like this one.
I made a birdhouse out of 
mine and gave it to my brother.

Next stop...
the other fav...

Fall colors.

So pretty...esp after the rain.

Used to have one of these but
something happened to it and
I lost it.
Butterfly Bush.

When I went into the store from
the garden shop I was
greeted by Lowe's 

He is a little BONEY 
don't you think?

This must be his family.

Nice family....they invite you in 
to rest.

There's even a phone if
you need to call home.

Place is all set for 
fall and Halloween!

Found this on FB...
heading over to friends house
this weekend, he said he has logs
that I might could use

I am always looking for a 
project even though I know
 I have enough to do...
to finish and others to

Oh well....

yep....so true!

Thanks for stopping by, 


Sandra said…
last year I went to HL to wander through Christmas decorations and they had those black dress forms and I stood and stared and wondered just how they were with Christmas decorations and what any one would do with them..
Sharon Qualls said…
I can see where a store like Hobby Lobby starts their displays so early, is for people to have time to make the items, but all this Christmas stuff - nope. I wonder if anyone ever paid full price for one of their trees?
Darla M Sands said…
It's interesting how fanciful dress forms have become so fashionable. I saw some topping artificial trees, including a black one complete with witch's hat. Not sure how I feel about that trend. But I love the way your mind works - so creative. And great photos! What a lovely lady you are. Lily is a doll.
Rhodesia said…
Your posts always have fun photos and this is no exception. I do though love the photo of you in the 70's beautiful lady. Have a happy day Diane
Liz A. said…
I had one of those gumball machines as a kid. Loved that thing.

Want to feel old? Today someone on Twitter started a game. "Name a video game that came out the month you were born." The worst part was people saying the game made them feel old when they said something like "Pac-Man" or the like. That's not old. Old is not being able to play because video games were invented in your lifetime. (And I'm not that old. Not really.)
Ann Thompson said…
I always hate seeing the Christmas stuff come out so early even if it is in a craft store.
Sally said…
I haven't been to a HL in ages!

Your daughter, so cute and you, so pretty.

The photo of you is darling, Pam. As is your daughter's. I have a closet full of those large photos of my children. I don't know what I'm going to do with them. We've been getting rid of a lot of stuff, but I could never get rid of photos. ♥
Well now aren't you just a cutie there from the 70's. Love it. Yes, I have been seeing Christmas out since June too. I love the bubblegum machine. Can't believe you found a metal one like that for so cheap. My kind of price. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, what a cute picture of your daughter at 6 months old, and I love that one of you at 17, so pretty. Don't ya just love Hobby Lobby? You have a collection of Nutcrackers, I love them! I wish you would show them to us this Christmas. I actually saw the Nutcracker one year with my daughters at the theatre. That gum ball machine is great. That looks like one of the vintage ones from way back. Wow, Lowe's has a lot of Fall and Halloween goodies already. Will have to browse in there sometime.


by the way, I really like jewelry too, and I used to wear it all the time, not so much any more. But I love seeing it on the girls, and still love to look at it at the shops. And every time I see something unusual, I want to get it for myself. : )
Sandi said…
That black dress is fabulous!

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