Bathroom Redo

Okay, I am not Gail over at My
Repurposed takes me
a lot longer to do projects and turn
them out. But....
Over 4 yrs ago I started on my bath upstair.
I had a friend flying in from Ohio so I took the
day before off. I painted the walls, laid a floor
and painted the cabinet white. I was worn out.
The doors to the cabinet did not get put back on.
Yes, I said yesterday.
But it was an on going project cause last
yr. I had a new counter top, faucet, and
new lighting put in.
It went from this:

To this:

But shortly after having that done, I decided that
the mirror needed to be framed out.
And the white cabinet just did not look right
with the dark counter top.

so....the cabinet went brown.

Since the sides of the this counter did not
go up as high as the old one I had some
wall repair that needed to be done.
I was not up to sanding and repairing
so....I went with this fix.

Had the same issue with the front of the
counter not coming down as far as the old
one did....I used corner round to fix
that issue also.
Finished deal. I love the mirror
framed out like this and I
love that this project is finally done.

I have lots of projects that have gotten started
and for one reason or the other not gotten I feel good that this
one is finished.
Now to work on others.
Thanks for stopping in,


first.. I just have to laugh at the reference to me! hahahah the bathroom I started painting a YEAR ago (and never finished because of the shoulder injury) is STILL not painted. I had it on my calendar to do last Monday--nope, something else came up. I seriously won't take more than a few hours... but you know how you just get "blind" to certain things... I just don't SEE it anymore. :(
but, back to your lovely bathroom! it looks so great! You've done a wonderful job, and I'm sure you're thinking.. why did I wait so long. ;)
beautiful bathroom pam!
ps still no-reply blogger....

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