A Darker Change - Door

Sometime back I saw a link on
Pinterest where the doors were being
painted black. I loved it.
All my doors are white but I
started with the front door.
I really like the look. I just
need to do that side strip.
Second coat.
Now once I get all doors changed
out in the house (they are
stored in the shed) I will also
do them in the dark color.
I did not go with black but instead
I went with a expresso brown.

I really like the white trim and
dark door look. Plus, the
dark does not show hand prints!!
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Love the contrast! It really makes that white pop. It's the clean crisp with a side of personality look I find so soothing and inviting. You really have done a beautiful job Pam ... But I expect nothing less from you.. It's the Artist in you... You enjoy expressing yourself in everything you undertake and it shows!
Nancy M; Ohio
No finger prints and scuff marks, good idea. I think the dark brown was a better choice than black. Great job. Thanks so much for visiting.

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