The Finished Lamp on the Deck

Around the first of Feb.
I posted these first two
pics of the before and
after lamp.
The iron base came from my brother
who found it somewhere. After
years of not doing anything with
it I decided to ask for it.
The light part sitting on top
is a solar light I pulled from
outside just to get a thought
of what I wanted to do.
Took it to Chris' garage to get started on it.
Sanded a lot of the rust off.
Primed it with spray primer.
Black paint....
and some thought on the
wiring (thanks Chris)
and here it is finished.

Saturday I finally loaded it in the
truck and off to my house
I went.
Love it on my deck. I just fell
in love with this iron piece.
I did of course use a electric
lamp on top instead of a solar.
Would not have been able
to put on the deck if I used solar,
Ceape Mrytle bush
would have blocked all the light.

Planning on getting the rest
of the furniture out of the shed
this evening and enjoy my deck...
and lamp tonight!
Thanks for stopping in,


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